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China's mold manufacturing industry is developing in a key direction

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In recent years, as China has become the world's largest producer and seller of the automotive industry, the domestic automobile industry has developed rapidly. In the past, the models produced by Chinese joint-venture auto companies were mostly old or even out of phase in developed countries. Now, when almost all of the developed automobile companies enter the “winter period”, China’s automobile production and sales are climbing, China. The huge automobile market and its potential have forced developed country auto companies to regard China as a “frontline position”, and more and more world-first models have appeared in China.
The rapid development of China's automobile industry has brought a broad space for domestic automotive molds. Due to cost and market factors, the focus of mold manufacturing in developed countries has gradually shifted to developing countries represented by China. The international and domestic comprehensive factors have promoted the rapid development of the domestic mold industry, and many emerging automobile mold companies have emerged.
According to the statistics of the China Model Association in 2012, the key backbone mold enterprises reached nearly 110, of which, stamping molds accounted for about 37%, and China has become a veritable automobile mold manufacturing country. However, due to the slow technological upgrading of domestic high-end automobile mold enterprises, the lack of technological innovation capability and the lack of R&D and application capabilities of new mold technologies, the development capability of domestic high-end molds cannot fully meet the supporting needs of the domestic automobile industry. A large part needs to rely on imports. Domestic high-end mold companies occasionally have to change the initial market position to seize the middle and low-end markets because of insufficient production load. Although the survival problem of enterprises has been solved, due to the low profit margin of the middle and low-end markets, the funds for investing in R&D and technological innovation are also very few. Under certain circumstances, a vicious circle has formed, which has prevented the enterprises from entering a benign development cycle. The above reasons also make us a long way from the real automobile mold "manufacturing power".
Due to the large number of high-end automotive mold companies in China, the market competition they face is becoming increasingly fierce. In addition to meeting the Q (quality), C (cost) and T (cycle) requirements of traditional mold enterprises, the domestic high-end automobile mold enterprises will become the key development direction of the domestic mold manufacturing industry in the future.