Kaming is an economic entity specializing in the R&D, design, production and manufacture of mechanical molds such as automobiles.

Leader's Speech

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The road is as solid as iron, and now we are moving forward. Kaming Group, a growing enterprise,with "technology pioneer, industry leader" as far-reaching aspiration, with extraordinary courage to create brilliant and dream! Kaming people know that we are in an era full of opportunities and challenges. It is our responsibility to seize the opportunity, meet the challenge and speed up the development. It is the common understanding and struggle criterion of every Kaming people to be enterprising, brave to take on and make unremitting efforts for it. The group will innovate the management mechanism and create a brand-new corporate image by introducing new CI concepts; gradually implement paperless office;scientifically define and improve the post responsibilities and work processes of various companies and departments; continue to introduce high-level technical and management personnel to shape the new culture of the company. And through the operation of the new system, we can further understand, inherit and break the corporate culture. Use high intelligence to brew a high starting point and pry up high speed with high starting point. Looking forward to the future, the Kaming people will be able to persevere, with high spirit, great enthusiasm, with sincerity to forge a greater self! Through their own efforts and hard work, create new brilliance for customers and Kaming.

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