China's automobile stamping die industry has broad prospects

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In recent years, with the continuous improvement of the quality of industrial products, the production of stamping products is showing the characteristics of many varieties, less batch, complex, large-scale, precision, and fast replacement speed. The stamping die is developing in the direction of high efficiency, precision, long life and large-scale. The development focus of the automotive panel mold is the high technical requirements of the high-end car large and medium-sized panel mold, especially the outer cover mold. Stamping dies for high-strength plates and unequal thick plates, as well as large multi-position progressive dies and continuous dies, will have rapid development in the future. According to the understanding of the golden mold network, the development of multi-functional, multi-position progressive die is focused on high precision, high efficiency and large, high life-span progressive die. The development of fine-blanking dies focuses on large-scale fine-blanking dies for thick plates and continuously improves their accuracy.
In order to improve the life of stamping dies, various technologies such as strengthening superhard treatment on the surface of the die are also the focus of development. For mold digital manufacturing, system integration, reverse engineering, rapid prototyping/mold manufacturing and computer-aided application technology to form a full range of solutions, provide mold development and engineering services, and comprehensively improve the level of enterprises and mold quality, which is the focus of stamping mold technology development. Die-casting mold structure mold CAD/CAM technology can significantly shorten the mold design and manufacturing cycle, reduce production costs, improve product quality. Rapid prototyping (RP) and the combination of traditional rapid economic mold, rapid manufacturing of large automobile cover mold, to solve the original low melting point alloy mold by sample casting mold, low precision parts, sample production difficult and other issues, to achieve a three-dimensional CAD model as the basis for rapid mold manufacturing, and the accuracy of the parts. Through and development, take all kinds of effective measures, injection mold graduation design. Under the joint efforts of all employees in the stamping die industry, China's stamping die will also continue to improve the level, and gradually narrow the gap with the world's advanced level.