China's automobile mold industry has entered a stage of rapid development

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Mold industry can be called the true sense of the "gold industry". The same is true for the automotive mold industry. In recent years, with the introduction of a series of favorable policies, it has also brought a broader market space and growth opportunities for the development of China's automobile mold industry.
At present, China's auto mold market is unprecedentedly active. With the strong support of the state, the mold industry has developed rapidly, and the average annual growth rate of automobile molds is also very high. The huge demand for automotive molds has promoted the unprecedented activity of the automotive mold market. Nowadays, because of its high production efficiency, good product quality, low material consumption and low production cost, automobile mold has no alternative supporting role for the automobile industry, which plays a radiation impact on the development of regional economy.
Shangpu consulting machinery industry analysts pointed out: at present, China's automobile mold development potential is very huge. Good quality stamping molds are in short supply in the automotive industry; die-casting molds are in sharp demand in auto parts, equipment manufacturing and other industries; injection molds also play a great role in the development of household appliances and other industries. With the support of national and local industrial policies, the prosperity of the domestic automobile mold market has been promoted, and more and more international capital has been transferred to the country.
There are two main reasons for the movement of international capital to China: First, international capital has seen the Chinese market. China has abundant labor resources, natural resources and technical resources. China has become the world's second largest automobile producer and the world's manufacturing industry. Base; Second, multinational companies have come to China to purchase auto molds, especially low-end molds. The purchase volume is very large, which objectively drives the export of my country's auto molds, it also reduces the price of automobile molds in the international market.
According to the "2012-2016 China Automotive Mold Market Analysis and Investment Value Research Report" released by Shangpu Consulting, it is obvious from my country's mold export situation that my country's automotive mold industry has entered a stage of rapid development. However, the mold products exported by our country are mostly low-end products. In the high-end markets of developed countries in Europe and America, the share of our products is still very low.