BASF supplies paint for Mercedes-Benz Sint models in Russia

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BASF recently announced that it has cooperated with Mercedes-Benz in the Russian market and will provide paint for the latter's locally produced Classic models.
In cooperation with Gorky Motors, Mercedes-Benz is currently producing Lint Classic at its factory in Nizhny Novgorod (NizhnyNovgorod), Russia, and BASF will provide a full range of paint products for these vehicles, including electrophoretic paint, primer, topcoat and varnish.
"This supply contract is a new milestone in our cooperation with Daimler Group and shows Daimler's trust in the products and services we provide," said CarstenVietze, BASF's account manager in charge of Daimler's trucks, trucks and buses in Europe."
In July of this year, the Nizhny Novgorod factory began to put into production the Sint Classic. For this reason, Mercedes-Benz and Gorky Motors invested a total of US $0.248 billion. This model is also jointly put into production by the Mercedes-Benz Light Commercial Vehicle Business Department and Gorky Motors. The first model.