Beijing to Auction 10,000 License Plates from September to Top 90,000

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It's a particularly hard journey to buy a car in Beijing, why do you say that? As we all know, if you want to buy a car in Beijing, you must first shake the number, saying that I started to shake the number in January this year, and now five months, has been with the license plate number, want to buy a car? Can only wait...
But... a piece of news this morning really angered me. Beijing started the auction of license plates in September with a ceiling of 90,000 yuan. Can I understand that a license plate number is worth 90,000 yuan? It's crazy to think about money. Take me, a Beipiao clan, for example. I only earn 5,000 yuan a month. Apart from rent and daily expenses, I can't save a few money. My family also contributed to my car this time. If I take out another 90,000 yuan to buy a license plate number, then I think it is necessary for me to pack up and go back to my hometown to farm. It's fun to drive a tractor, don't you think?
See what "talent" says?
"Is it better to buy a license or to restrict the purchase?" As for the current different car purchase policies and the new policies of online transmission in Beijing and Shanghai, Professor Zhong Hongjun of the School of Economics of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics said that auction is better than lottery. "But a better way would be to follow London's example of charging traffic congestion fees, not licence fees." Zhong Hongjun said.
In addition, Zhong Hongjun also pointed out that one difference between Beijing and Shanghai is that there are many more buses in Beijing than in Shanghai. These cars are insensitive to any price mechanism.