The development of automobile industry drives the upgrading of automobile mold industry

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With the development of product segmentation and specialization in China's mold industry, automobile mold is still a field with a wide range of driving areas and rapid development of the industry. Each change of automobile requires thousands of molds, worth hundreds of millions of yuan. Automobile main engine factories and closely matched mold enterprises have formed a strategic alliance of cooperative development, research, process debugging and mass production. Automobile mold equipment is an important part of automobile equipment!
In recent years, the automobile industry has accelerated the speed of change and the demand for market diversification has grown at an alarming rate, and the potential market for automobile molds is huge. First of all, automobile enterprises are assembly-oriented enterprises. In fact, the real technology is more in the hands of parts enterprises. The mass production of products of parts enterprises is realized by mold forming. Luo Baihui, secretary-general of the International Mould and Hardware and Plastic Industry Suppliers Association, said that we still rely on imports for high-end parts in automotive transmission systems, steering systems, body parts, and engine products. Mold equipment is an important part of automotive equipment. Each new model of car needs thousands of molds, worth hundreds of millions of yuan, and my country's large-scale precision mold manufacturing capacity is insufficient. For example, the full set of body dies for mid-range Passat exceeds 0.25 billion yuan, and the large plastic dies are about 35 million -40 million. China has been able to produce mid-range car cover dies and full set of die and dashboard bumper plastic dies for cars below Class C. We have been able to complete them well, but at present, almost all cover dies for high-end cars in China are imported products. From the cylinder block die-casting of the heart generator of the automobile to the stamping parts of the automobile body in white, from speeding up the research and development process of energy-saving and environment-friendly automobiles in our country (such as replacing metal with plastic, and realizing the plastic intake manifold of automobile engines by injection mold, which accounts for 80% abroad, this process makes the combustion more complete and lighter), to the hot pressing forming mold of the new material super-strong steel plate; automobile lightweight new material forming mold and multi-position progressive mold are the guarantee to promote the development of automobile independent brand. In order to reduce weight, the application of aluminum alloy and other light metals in automobile will increase, and the corresponding mold will also develop.
With the development of mold clamp integration technology, mold clamp integration products will also be developed. All need to mold drive the autonomous manufacturing of the core components of the automotive industry. In the future mold market, the proportion of plastic molds in the total amount of molds will gradually increase, and its development speed will be higher than other molds. The status of the mold enterprise in the automobile main engine factory is already a core competitiveness status; the first-level supporting mold enterprise serving the automobile main engine factory is a close relationship of strategic alliance. It can be predicted that with the rapid development of China's automobile industry and the higher level of development, it will drive the sustained and stable development of the automobile mold market.