The 4S model does not seem to be the format that our country's automobile market place hopes. Where is the way out for China's auto aftermarket?

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At present, there are three modes of automobile after-sales service market in China, one is 4S shop, the other is roadside personal auto repair shop, and the other is auto repair service chain store. In terms of scale, the 4S store system is the leader of China's automobile after-sales service market.
However, according to the survey of professional institutions, nearly half of the car owners may give up 4S stores after the warranty period expires. Moreover, the relevant departments of the state have also made reflections and criticisms on different occasions for the possible monopoly, repeated construction, waste of resources, and foreign control channels of the 4S system. From this point of view, the 4S model does not seem to be the desired format of China's automobile market. So, where is the way out for China's auto market?
Zhang Xiwen, vice president of China Auto Parts Industry Federation, said: "this is an 'evolution' process!"