Beijing Couple Sells Fake Auto Parts Over Millions in Three Years

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Recently, the reporter learned from the Daxing Procuratorate that in April this year, the Daxing police seized a counterfeit auto parts warehouse in Huangcun Town, Daxing District, and seized more than 18000 counterfeit auto air-conditioning filters and other accessories, worth more than 1.5 million yuan. According to the owner Wang, since 2010, he and his wife Liu have been selling fake car air-conditioning filters of more than 10 brands such as Hyundai, Nissan and Volkswagen, with a running water of 1 million yuan in three years. Now the procuratorate approved the arrest of Wang on the crime of selling counterfeit registered trademark goods.
Selling fake goods for three years exceeds one million
In 2006, Wang came from his hometown in Hebei to work in Beijing Fengtai Huaxiang Auto Parts City. In 2010, due to the demolition of the Auto Parts City, Wang and his wife Liu moved to live in Huangcun Town, Daxing District. After that, the two began to sell various counterfeit air filters and gasoline filters without a business license. The matching models of these filters mainly include more than 10 brands such as Beijing Hyundai, Mazda, Honda, Volkswagen, Nissan, Chery, and Zhonghua.
According to Wang's account, these fake filters were purchased from Hebei Province. "I bought it from an auto parts market in Hebei. There are many merchants in the market. Merchants with appropriate prices will deliver goods through logistics, and I will remit money to them."
After getting the fake, Wang sold the filter box to the auto parts city in Beijing at a price increase. "Hyundai's air-conditioning filters are 2.8 yuan, Mitsubishi's 4 yuan, Nissan's 3 yuan, Volkswagen's 3 yuan, Toyota's 3.5 yuan... There are too many brands, I can't remember, and they are usually sold at a price increase of 0.5 yuan." Wang explained that his filters have been sold to Caoqiao Auto Parts City in Fengtai District, Xiaocun Qiaocheng Huancheng Auto Parts City, Wufang Tianya Auto Parts City in Chaoyang District, and Xijiao Auto Parts City in Haidian District. The running water in the past three years has reached more than 100 million yuan.
After being caught, he said he only made 70000 profits.
In April of this year, someone reported that Wang was selling counterfeit auto parts, and then the Daxing Public Security Bureau filed a case for investigation. On April 19, more than 18000 counterfeit air-conditioning filters and other auto parts worth more than 1.5 million yuan were seized at Wang's residence. On the same day, Wang was arrested by the police. After that, Wang admitted his crime and said that he had made a profit of more than 70000 yuan by selling fake auto parts in the past three years.
"I sell fake auto parts just to make some money, and many people do it." Wang said that many people who live in the same village with him also sell fake auto parts. The reporter learned from the procuratorate that some of them have now been arrested by the police.
The prosecutor of the Daxing Procuratorate stated that Wang and Liu sold counterfeit auto parts. The evidence was sufficient and the value of the goods was huge. They were suspected of committing a crime and it was necessary to arrest them. However, considering that Liu is an accessory, he can truthfully confess the facts of the crime after arriving in the case, cooperate with the investigation of the public security organs, and there are two children in the two families who are unattended and have the conditions for bail pending trial, so Liu will not be arrested for the time being.