The implementation of the three guarantees policy for automobiles is a drag on counterfeit accessories in 4S stores.

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As we all know, the pros and cons of auto parts are closely related to the safety of passengers. Once a high-speed car suddenly breaks down, the loss will be unimaginable. And this is often inextricably linked with inferior spare parts. On May 31, the results of an unannounced visit released by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine showed that 46% of the car 4S stores used counterfeit accessories. This also poured cold water on the "Three Guarantees" policy for automobiles to be implemented on October 1.
In this regard, the reporter found during the visit that at present, in the auto parts market, the phenomenon of shoddy and fake parts is still rampant. The 4S store, once sought after by the majority of car owners, is even more "unforgivable crime".
The owner is sad and the high price is not original.
In the face of the fake parts market, many car owners prefer to pay a high price to 4S shop for maintenance in order to avoid being fooled. As everyone knows, a recent data from the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine shows that according to unannounced visits to 103 automobile 4S stores across the country, it was found that 17 automobile 4S stores did not use original parts in the repair and maintenance process, and 31 automobile 4S stores were mixed. Use non-original parts, this kind of situation is as high as 46%.
Ms. Huang's car owner in Beijing has become one of the "victims" of these bad 4S shops. Ms. Huang revealed to reporters that in March this year, she spent nearly 2000 yuan in the 4S store to change the headlights of her car to original high-end xenon lamps. Unexpectedly, in less than a month, one of the two xenon lamps failed. Since then, although the 4S store has been replaced, the new lamp has not been broken for long. Very angry Ms. Huang went to the car after-sales service company with the problem lights. After inspection by the staff, she was clearly told that the two lights were non-original accessories.
According to the staff member, at present, if the lights on the market to Ms. Huang are replaced in a regular 4S shop, the original import price will be about 1000 yuan.
Ms. Huang felt that she was "fooled" by the 4S store. She told reporters gloomily: "I thought the 4S store was more secure in terms of technology and parts, so I did not hesitate to spend 2000 yuan to replace the lights. What I want to exchange is non-original accessories worth only 400 yuan, which not only causes a lot of losses to my own economy, but also brings a lot of hidden dangers to my driving safety, this money is really" sad '".
According to industry insiders, the use of non-original parts in the maintenance of 4S stores has become an industry "hidden rule". The main reason is that the price of non-original parts is low, and 4S shops can get more profits; moreover, consumers can be retained by reducing maintenance prices.
Accessories Fake and Steal Beams for Pillars
On June 16, Mr. Gu, the owner of Beijing, showed reporters a "sky-high price" car air-conditioning repair order. According to Mr. Gu's recollection, in May this year, he maintained his car at a 4S shop in the North Fourth Ring Road. Subsequently, the staff tested the car's air conditioner and issued a maintenance document. The document indicates that Mr. Gu's car needs to replace the air-conditioning compressor, condenser, air filter and other components, including the labor cost, which is nearly 3000 yuan. But then Mr. Gu found in Beijing's Shibalidian Auto Parts City that the air filter replaced by his car was not even a non-original part. It can be said to be a counterfeit of extremely poor quality, and the cost was only a single digit. Mr. Gu spent nearly 100 yuan to pay for it.
On June 20, the reporter visited the Auto Parts City of Beijing's Shibalidian. An industry insider who has been engaged in the wholesale of auto parts for more than ten years "taught" the reporter the "business experience" of counterfeit parts in the 4S store. "Take the car window film as an example. At present, most of the domestic car films are used in the market, and the material cost for a car is only 300 or 400 yuan, but in the 4S store is not only sold with imported original goods, the price can also be asked for in Gao Li. 2000 yuan per car is not too expensive. Often can earn four or five times."