Fake and shoddy parts flooding huge security risks

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A mid-range car consists of more than 5000 parts, and the number of parts varies according to the model. However, this does not prevent the parts from being of "equal importance" to each car ". The quality of parts not only determines the quality of a car, but also directly affects people's driving safety. Fake and shoddy auto parts have problems in the driving of the car, which will cause irreparable losses. However, under the lure of huge profits, the current Chinese automobile production and after-sales market are full of fake and shoddy parts.
Zhongtong Bus Frequent Quality Problems and Hidden Danger
"It is definitely a quality problem, 100% a quality problem!" On June 18, Li Xiang (pseudonym), the driver of Gaomi Transportation Group, complained angrily to the media reporters.
Half a month ago, Li Xiang was driving a LCK6858H Zhongtong bus from Zhoucun to Gaomi when all the rivets and screws on the frame carrying the gearbox and engine broke. The vehicle suddenly tilted to the left, instantly losing its balance and difficult to control, while the car was carrying 21 passengers on its way to Gaomi. Li Xiang said that if it were not for timely disposal, the consequences would not be imagined.
The longitudinal beams, cross beams, and cross beam connecting plates of the frame are riveted to death. These parts do not even need daily maintenance. According to the principle, even if they are opened to scrap, there should be no problems in accidents. In addition, the nameplate of the bus shows that the car was produced by the production plant of Zhongtong Bus Holdings Co., Ltd. at No. 10 Jianshe East Road, Liaocheng City, Shandong. The model is LCK6858H, and the production date is July 2011. It is less than two years ago. It is even more difficult to understand that "all the rivets and screws of the frame are broken.
Then, the culprit of the accident, Li Xiang can only think that the vehicle itself has serious quality problems. In this regard, at 9:00 a.m. on June 19, the media reporter dialed the telephone of Wang Xingfu, the Secretary of the board of directors of Zhongtong bus. However, the reporter got the reply that he did not know about it, and was politely declined the interview on the grounds of "receiving guests.
Fake auto parts wreak havoc in 4S shops
The results of unannounced visits released by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine a few days ago showed that 46% of my country's automobile 4S stores used counterfeit accessories. The same is true for 4S stores, which are the main market for automobile maintenance in China, so some "roadside shops" are even more self-evident-fake and shoddy in China's after-sales automobile maintenance market are rampant!!!
According to the results of unannounced visits released by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine a few days ago, 17 of the 103 automobile 4S stores did not use original parts during maintenance and maintenance, and 31 used non-original parts, and the use of counterfeit parts reached 46%. According to industry insiders, the use of non-original parts in the maintenance of 4S stores has become the "hidden rule" of the industry ". During sales, maintenance and installation, under the trend of huge profits, 4S shops usually use original factory parts and better quality auxiliary factory parts to pretend to be original factory parts, and charge according to the price of original factory parts. This makes consumers not only spend money, but also do not get the protection they deserve.
Strengthening sanctions while enhancing industry self-discipline
At present, the development of China's automobile industry is getting better, the production and sales of most vehicle factories are increasing, and the performance of the related auto parts circulation and auto repair and maintenance market is also "soaring". However, behind this continuous growth is the frequent problems, full of deception against conscience and stained with blood. For the market to truly develop and grow, while strengthening legal supervision and sanctions, industry self-discipline is more important.