Automotive and parts industry: focus on new energy vehicle policy benefits related companies.

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Industry view: August passenger association data, narrow passenger car sales growth of 13% YoY, in line with market expectations. It is expected that the new energy vehicle policy is expected to be launched in the near future. We specifically analyzed the comparison of new energy vehicle policies in the "Report on Investment Strategies for Growth Companies in the Automotive Industry". If the new energy vehicle policy is launched, we will focus on the relevant listed companies that are expected to benefit: BYD, Yutong, GAC, Jianghuai, etc. It is expected that in September large bus is expected to usher in the sales season, large and medium bus leading company share price has room to make up. With 48000 heavy card sales in August, we remain cautious about heavy cards. Short-term suggestions focus on companies benefiting from new energy vehicles, and continue to recommend growth targets for passenger cars in the medium and long term: Chang 'an Automobile (000625, buy) and Jianghuai Automobile (600418, increase); GAC Group (601238, increased); High-quality targets: SAIC (600104, buy), Great Wall Motor (601633, increase); Bus recommend: Yutong Bus (600066, buy), dealer recommend: national Machine Automotive (600335, increased holdings).
Last week's market review: Last week the automotive sector rose 3.1 percent, the auto parts sector rose 2.0 percent, the Shanghai Composite Index rose 2.0 percent, automotive vehicles outperformed the broader market by 1.1 percentage points, and auto parts outperformed the broader market. Individual stocks: GAC Group, Yutong Bus, Jinlong Bus, etc. performed better.
Highlights from last week's report:
To carry out the performance of growth companies to the end-automobile industry investment strategy report (9.3) jiangling motors: performance in line with expectations (9.4) precision forging technology: performance in line with expectations (9.4) Jianghuai automobile: major shareholders introduce strategic investors, medium-and long-term development prospects are promising (9.5)
Last week's industry news:
New energy vehicle subsidy new policy is about to be introduced, leading enterprises will obviously benefit (source: China Business News)
China sets off a used car buying craze (Source: Wall Street Journal) Tesla's China outlook is unclear (Source: CBN Daily)
Last week's key company announcement:
Guangfei Speeds Up Change (Source: Nanfang Daily)
Shanghai Volkswagen layout entry-level SUV market (source: daily economic news)
GAC and ZTE set up a new joint venture to launch a new brand (source: Beijing Times)
Zhengzhou Nissan significantly expanded production capacity is expected to put into production city SUV (Source: Netcom) Beijing Benz's new E-Class hybrid glory debut (Source: China Electric Vehicle Network)
Valuation of key companies and industry data
Risk Warning: The continued economic downturn affects demand growth.