Professional automobile media may become automobile e-commerce platform

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"Double Eleven" (November 11), this is a special day created by Chinese e-commerce, and this special day may detonate the first round of e-commerce wars in China's auto industry.
First, the car home website launched the "11.11 Crazy Car Buying Festival" through the gimmick of "Double Eleven". Then, the car exchange network also launched the "naked price" ("naked" term, out of the bachelor) on the basis of its normal operation of the car exchange. Some media also took this opportunity to launch the "car treasure" and entered this round of car e-commerce scuffle.
However, traditional e-commerce failed to do a good job in the automotive platform. Tmall Mall fired the first shot of China's auto e-commerce, but in the eyes of many industry insiders, Tmall is not a real auto e-commerce, its core value lies in brand communication. As of May this year, Tmall Mall has a total of 9 car brand flagship stores and 5 dealer stores, with a total of 535 models on display, with a total reservation of 6781 vehicles, and the Jianghuai Yueyue family has been booked 3547 vehicles, accounting for 52.3 per cent of the total reservation. Other traditional models with better sales in the market have an average reservation of only a dozen vehicles in Tmall.
Why didn't the traditional e-commerce platform do it? Qin Zhi, CEO of Autohome, believes that the first thing is that users need to have enough choices, and in many past car group buying projects, there are often just a few products. Secondly, festivals like e-commerce shopping are often 50% discount and 60% discount. But in most of the so-called car shopping festivals in history, most users paid exactly the same price as offline shopping.
Professional automobile media is currently the most likely platform for automobile e-commerce. Yan Cheng, deputy general manager of an automobile business department, believes: "Professional automobile websites cover the most accurate car buyers and can provide everything from car selection and car viewing. One-stop service to test drive and purchase."
In an interview with reporters, Ma Gang, vice president of Autohome, said that he is not clear about the future development of auto e-commerce, but he said: "If you don't test the waters to do auto e-commerce now, you may lag behind your competitors in the future. We must ensure that we are ahead of the development of other auto sites at all times." Many of the car purchase activities launched by Autohome this year are free of charge to its cooperating automakers, regions and dealers, including this year's "11.11 Crazy Car Buying Festival".
"Price is a big problem," Yan Cheng said. Online prices and 4S store prices must be balanced for a long time. "If the price is lower than offline, then the interests of dealers will be damaged, but it is equal to or higher than offline, which is not attractive to consumers." And if always bleeding subsidies or manufacturers of market subsidies, it is not conducive to the establishment of a healthy business environment.
However, when discussing the future profit model, Yan Cheng believes that professional auto e-commerce companies may be packaged in advertisements and soft texts given to websites by auto companies, that is, the future expenditure of auto companies or 4S stores in the e-commerce field will be paid out of the market or public relations expenses, rather than the channel expenses of enterprises. However, Ma Gang believes that no one knows the development of automobile marketing channels in the future. Now it comes from the publicity expenses. No one can guarantee that enterprises will not spend special funds to develop e-commerce.