2013 Auto Parts "Top Ten Brands" Selection Enters User Research Stage

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On October 30, 2013, the top ten brands of filters and brake pads in the 2013 auto parts industry with the theme of "changing the future of the industry with influence", through two rounds of online voting, the top 20 brands of the four main awards of "Top Ten famous brands of filters", "Top Ten innovative brands of filters", "Top Ten well-known brands of brake pads" and "Top Ten innovative brands of brake pads" were determined. The 80 brands of the 4 awards have now begun to submit relevant review materials to the organizing committee to cooperate with the upcoming industry expert review.
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However, before the expert review meeting, the "Top Ten Brands" selection organizing committee will go to active auto parts circulation markets across the country and conduct offline research on 80 brands in the 4 awards from auto parts dealers, auto repair factories, auto parts product users and other channels to ensure the fairness, impartiality and openness of the "Top Ten" selection.
"2013 Auto Parts Industry Filter, Brake Pad Top Ten Brand Selection" is the fourth consecutive "Top Ten Selection" event held by Huicong. After 4 years of development, it has become a professional and authoritative brand selection event in my country's auto parts industry. To a certain extent, it can reflect the development of my country's auto parts industry this year. The characteristics of the joint industry experts and the upstream, midstream and downstream industrial chain also allow the "Top Ten Selection" to provide an industry communication platform to promote the development of the industry.
Who will become the top ten brands in the filter and brake pad industry in 2013, please pay attention to HC Auto Parts Network. On November 23, 2013, Guangzhou Changlong awards ceremony, see you.