Old car scrap renewal subsidy standard recently announced.

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The Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Commerce recently issued an announcement announcing the scope and subsidy standards of the old car scrapping and renewal subsidy vehicles in 2013. According to the announcement, semi-trailer tractors with a total mass of more than 10 years (including 10 years) and less than 15 years and heavy trucks with a total mass of more than 12000kg (including 12000kg) sold to scrapped automobile recycling enterprises from January 1 to December 31, 2013 (including ordinary trucks, vans, warehouse grille trucks, closed trucks, tank trucks, flat trucks, container trucks, self-unloading trucks, special structure trucks and other models, excluding full trailers and semi-trailers), the subsidy standard is 18000 yuan per vehicle.
It is understood that owners of old cars who meet the above-mentioned subsidy scope can, in accordance with relevant regulations, present the "Application Form for Old Car Scrapping and Renewal Subsidy Funds" (to receive it at the local old car scrapping and renewal subsidy joint service window, or download from the website of the Ministry of Commerce), the original of the "Scrapped Car Recycling Certificate" (triple), the original and photocopy of the "Motor Vehicle Cancellation Certificate", the original and photocopy of the valid identity certificate, the personal bank account passbook with the same name as the owner or the unit account The copy of the account opening certificate and other vouchers apply for subsidy funds.