Automotive mold market 70 billion into the mold market development top priority

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A few days ago, Luo Baihui, secretary-general of the International Mould Association, introduced at the Dongguan Hengli Mould Industry Summit Forum that the automobile and motorcycle industries have a more than 70 billion demand for molds every year, and our country's manufacturing capacity for large-scale precision molds is far from enough. Almost all of the cover molds for mid-range cars in my country rely on imports, and there is also a large demand for plastic molds for large and medium-sized internal and external trim parts. The development of high-tech large-scale precision automobile and motorcycle cover parts mold and large and medium-sized plastic mold for interior and exterior decoration is an important work for China's automobile and motorcycle mold in the future.
Luo Baihui said that in China's mold market, the development of automobile mold is the top priority. Because the automobile and motorcycle industry is one of the five pillar industries of my country's national economy, my country's automobile production and sales in 2012 have exceeded 19.31 million vehicles. From the perspective of the law of industrial economic development, my country's automobile and motorcycle industry has entered the "economic take-off" stage. Such production and sales will inevitably bring strong economic domestic demand and bring a huge market for automobile and motorcycle molds. With the rapid growth of China's automobile and motorcycle exports, plastic molds replace wood and metal, which will greatly increase the demand for plastic molds in the automobile and motorcycle industry, especially the development of new materials and new molding technology, which makes the demand for plastic products in the automobile and motorcycle industry increasing. To a certain extent, the amount of plastic products used in automobiles and motorcycles can reflect the level of development of a country's automobile and motorcycle industry. For example, the average use of plastic products per car in Germany has reached nearly 300 kilograms, accounting for about 22% of the total consumption of automobile materials, and it is the country with the largest number of automobile and motorcycle plastic parts in the world. The average use of plastic per car in Japan is about 100kg, and they are all made of plastic products such as dashboards.
At present, the application of plastic products for automobiles and motorcycles has been developed from ordinary decorative parts to structural parts and functional parts. The use of plastic raw materials has also been expanded from ordinary plastics to composite materials or plastic alloys with high heel and better impact resistance. It can be predicted that with the improvement of plastic materials and molding technology and technology, the application of plastic products in automobile and motorcycle industry will be more common, which will inevitably lead to the great development of automobile and motorcycle molds.