Use and Maintenance of Painting Line for Auto Parts

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The use and maintenance of auto parts painting line and the electrostatic spraying operation of auto parts painting line can reduce the waste of paint and overcoating phenomenon, so it can reduce the cost of cleaning and waste paint management. Compared with the traditional operation, disc DISK automatic electrostatic coating process production process saves 30-60% paint. The quality of auto parts painting line is improved: due to the electrostatic repulsion effect, the paint particles are well atomized and ultra-fine particles, so it is easy to achieve a high standard of surface quality when carrying out advanced painting operations, and the problem of stable quality of finished products can be followed.
As for the workpieces actively transported by the auto parts painting line in large quantities, before entering the drying tunnel, it is necessary to carefully check whether there is leakage, thinning or partial powdery appearance. If unqualified parts are found, they should be closed to avoid entering the drying tunnel and re-sprayed as much as possible. If a single workpiece fails due to thin spraying, it can be re-sprayed and cured again after curing out of the drying tunnel.
The impeller of the fan of the painting line for automobile parts is cleaned; On the regular maintenance day of the equipment every month, the equipment manager uses a wrench to loosen the fastening screw, the spraying operator uses a scraper to eradicate the industrial paint on the impeller, and the impeller is coated with butter. The equipment shall be equipped with the impeller again and the fastening screws shall be locked. Usually once every other month.
Cleaning of the windshield of the painting line for automobile parts: during the maintenance of the equipment every Saturday, the user of the equipment takes down the windshield, scrapes off the paint on the board with a scraper, washes it clean with water, and butters it after drying in the sun.
Cleaning of spray line nozzles for automobile parts; Every Saturday, when the equipment is maintained, the user of the equipment removes the nozzle, and the equipment manager removes the water pipe. The paint in the pipe needs to be cleaned, and the residue in the pipe needs to be cleaned with water. After the equipment is cleaned, the water pipe and nozzle shall be equipped. The opening of the nozzle is in one face.
Cleaning and maintenance of the water pump for auto parts painting line: on the equipment maintenance day of each month, after spraying the water in the oil spray cabinet, the equipment manager will loosen the fastening screws and remove the water pump; After cleaning the paint residue on the impeller and the paint residue on the water channel wall, the fastening screws shall be installed.
Cleaning the inner wall of the water cooling cabinet for auto parts painting line: the user of the equipment connects the water pipe to the water supply pipe, turns on the water switch and showers the water from top to bottom.