New Tasks of Construction Machinery Parts Industry under New Situation

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The development of energy-saving products is the general trend and the development direction. Accessories enterprises should work closely with host enterprises to study integrated components such as load sensing, load feedback, electro-hydraulic control, etc., so as to achieve the purpose of maximum power saving and full utilization of power. Only by early understanding, early starting and early action can they occupy the market early. As high-end accessories, variable hydraulic components such as electric control boxes, power sources and SEX such as Hangzhou teeth have been prepared for excavator matching, and will also take the lead in serving energy-saving construction machinery matching.
3. Emission reduction, environmental protection, clean energy and others
Electric forklifts will not cause air pollution and noise is very small, but the output of electric forklifts in my country is very low, and there is a big gap compared with developed countries. Forklifts are mainly used to carry materials, and what we usually see in enterprises is that internal combustion forklifts are used more in factory handling, and directly enter the workshop, exhaust gas and noise are directly released into the workshop, affecting the health of workers. In view of this situation, the government is likely to introduce relevant policies, do not allow internal combustion forklifts into the workshop, or through high taxation restrictions, then electric forklifts will develop, and then the supporting system will also change.
Electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles have appeared, reducing emissions pollution. The ternary catalyst conversion device developed by Hyundai Motor can remove 95% of the harmful exhaust gas from gasoline vehicle exhaust, and more effectively prevent air pollution. It is believed that construction machinery similar to automobiles (truck cranes, truck cranes) will also absorb automobile technology and develop exhaust gas purification devices to protect the environment.
The potential of wind power generation and solar photovoltaic power generation is endless. It has a huge demand for slewing bearings. The two largest slewing bearing manufacturers in China, Xuzhou Roth Aide and Square Round Bearing, cannot meet the strong demand of the main engine. In this case, Ma'anshan City and the surrounding area has become a slewing bearing industry accumulation area, has registered six slewing bearing production enterprises, they have the power, Jingwei and Ningguo Shunchang and so on. After several years of development, Tongli has reached an annual output of 60000 sets, becoming an enterprise with sales revenue of more than 100 million yuan, and 70% of its products are exported to countries and regions in Asia, Europe, America and so on. There is no vicious competition among enterprises in the slewing bearing industry, and they have found their own share in the market segment. After the successful listing of the square bearing, the development of the enterprise has reached a new level, and a new factory has been built in Changsha. The construction of the precision slewing bearing production line has already started. After reaching the production capacity, it will alleviate the expanding demand for excavator cranes and clean energy supporting facilities such as wind power and solar power at home and abroad.
New areas such as clean energy provide new market opportunities for accessory enterprises, which are worthy of serious study by entrepreneurs in the industry.
4, the technical progress of the accessories industry has achieved remarkable results.
4.1 hydraulic parts
For hydraulic parts supporting excavators and other models, Jiangsu Hengli's high-pressure oil cylinder took the lead in breaking through. The supply of products fell short of demand. The quality was affirmed by the users of the main engine, and the investment of 0.2 billion yuan was rewarded. General Manager Wang Liping believes that high-quality products must be guaranteed by high quality equipment, so they are willing to spend money on equipment, such as ordering 6 sets of key equipment for cylinder bore finishing from abroad, each with a value of more than 5 million yuan, with advanced and mature technology. Now they are expanding their production capacity and contributing to the import substitution of high-pressure oil cylinders. Jiangyin Changling's central revolving body has been matched with major well-known host manufacturers, such as Xugong, Liugong, Xiagong and Sany, etc., replacing imports. The domestic market share of this product has reached 90%. Jiangsu Ruilong has introduced a batch of hydraulic parts including main pump, main valve, rotary device and walking device for 6.0t small excavation. Liyuan Hydraulics, which is affiliated to China First Airlines Group and is also the first listed company in the accessories industry, has realized small batch matching of main pumps, rotating devices and walking devices for 3.5t and 6.0t small excavations in a short period of more than one year by virtue of its talent advantages, technical advantages and excellent equipment. They will also establish an independent production line of hydraulic parts for small excavations. Fengyang Hydraulic has made great efforts on multi-way valves and successively developed 6.0t excavator chip multi-way valves, 3.0~6.0t multi-way valves independent of load pressure and 20t multi-way valves with negative flow control. Pilot valve with small ergonomic operating force and foot-operated pilot valve with buffering and anti-shaking function; In addition, it can be equipped with 3.5~20t hydraulic cylinder, central rotary joint and other products for excavator.
The development of hydraulic parts enterprises in Zhejiang is also encouraging. Guangtian Sykus, firmly convinced of the development of national industry, built three new factories in 2008, totaling more than 8000 square meters, added processing equipment and testing equipment, and improved production lines. The sales of various main pumps have reached nearly 3000. Some of the variable pumps matched for small excavation have been examined in the main engine factory and some have been used in the post-market. At the same time, they also developed a variety of new specifications of the rotary and walking motor. The multi-way valve developed by Jiangbei Yuzhou for small excavation has been completed and approved by users after installation examination. It is expected to enter mass production and put into the market by the end of the year. Dagang Yining 1.6~8.0t walking device and rotary device for small excavation have been successfully tested and have been ordered in batches. Rexroth series reducers (specifications 17 ~ 220kN · m) have been supplied to the main engine manufacturers in batches. In 2008, it also invested 25 million yuan to purchase equipment, which can be expanded to an annual output of 10000 sets of walking devices and rotating devices. The assembly workshop and the machining workshop have been equipped with dust removal and fresh air systems, further improving the working environment. In addition, four invention patents were authorized in 2008 and won the special prize for scientific and technological innovation in Ningbo.
With years of technical accumulation and experience in producing multi-way valves for loaders, Linhai Haihong has now developed multi-way valves for small excavation below 5.0t, 6.0t, 7.0t and 4.2t, some of which are examined and tried with the main engine, and some of which have been matched in small batches. Linhai Haihong's hydraulic proportional pilot valve suitable for small digs has also been used in many small digs.