Construction machinery supporting products have become the bottleneck of China's construction machinery development

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Although the development of concrete machinery in China has been in the international leading position, but the transformation from big to strong still needs more efforts. At present, the trend of overseas expansion has two directions: to make use of overseas top technical strength to make up for the technical defects of Chinese enterprises, or to choose regions with good market space to expand overseas market share. No matter what kind of choice will inevitably involve the relevant parts of the problem, therefore, the ability of enterprises should do something to break the bottleneck, not only can produce considerable economic value, but also can enhance the international competitiveness of China's construction machinery.
Sheng Chunfang pointed out that hydraulic parts, electrical control, engines and other engineering machinery supporting products have become the bottleneck of China's construction machinery development. In order to change this situation, some powerful large companies should not blindly focus on those mainframe products that are now looking very prosperous in terms of product line expansion, because with the increase of production enterprises and the expansion of production capacity, the market for these products will soon be saturated. Visionary entrepreneurs should do something to lift the bottleneck, which can not only reduce costs and increase profits for production, but also make a contribution to ensure the healthy development of China's construction machinery.
Sheng Chunfang suggested that in the supporting of construction machinery, not all products should be selected from international well-known brands, but should be analyzed and studied realistically to meet the construction requirements as the principle. Excessive configuration and rich functions not only increase product costs, but also limit the development of domestic accessories manufacturers. In the development of concrete machinery, also encountered similar problems. For example, concrete mixer truck, in the past some production enterprises all use imported chassis supporting. Now the production situation of mixing truck is completely opposite, with imported chassis matching is rare. There is still a gap between our domestic heavy trucks and foreign ones, but its cost performance can be accepted by the Chinese people. On the supporting of concrete boom pump truck, it is also hoped that domestic chassis can be used like mixer truck, because the function of pump truck chassis is mainly to transfer the workplace, and domestic chassis can be competent. Now the chassis used by the car crane are all produced by the enterprise itself. The working conditions and working process of the pump truck are very similar to those of the car crane, and the self-made chassis is also worth trying.
At present, China's concrete machinery in the manufacture and use is already a world power, in terms of technology and performance, there are many can be regarded as the world's leading level, but we can not be called the world's concrete machinery power. For example, our products still have a certain gap compared with foreign brands in terms of reliability, energy saving, and environmental protection, and there is also a big gap in intelligence and informatization. We must not be arrogant, but should continue to work hard to make our contribution in the transformation from a big country of concrete machinery to a powerful country of concrete machinery in the world.
Although Hunan concrete machinery manufacturing enterprises represented by Zoomlion and Sany heavy Industry occupy more than 78% of the domestic market share, domestic brands still need to be improved in the development of complete sets of concrete machinery equipment. Holding Shanghai Hongdeli Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., also indicates that the old state-owned enterprises Liugong began to enter the concrete machinery industry. Due to the hot sales situation in the market last year, industry profits have also increased significantly. With the improvement of the market, competition has also increased, and many companies that are not in the construction machinery industry have also entered the industry to share benefits. Therefore, relying on a single product line may not be able to share greater profits. Expanding the product line, for enterprises, is also a measure to enhance their own strength. Multi-product line and multi-angle development are more conducive to the survival of enterprises in the market.