Henkel opens adhesive factory in Shanghai to support cars

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SHANGHAI-Henkel AG has opened an adhesive plant in Shanghai to provide complementary products to automotive customers and consumer goods producers.
Henkel claims that the factory is the world's largest adhesive factory with an annual output of 428000 metric tons of adhesive. The total investment of the factory is 50 million euros (0.419 billion yuan) and 600 workers are to be recruited.
Henkel said it would concentrate its existing adhesive capacity at the new plant, which is located in the Shanghai Chemical Industry Park.
The new factory is called "Dragon Factory". Through recycling, the consumption of packaging materials has been reduced to 60%. Through the design of the factory building with a transparent roof, Henkel's electricity consumption has been reduced to 90%.
Henkel, headquartered in Dusseldorf, Germany, opened its first factory in China in 1990.