Inventory of construction machinery accessories in the first half of 2011

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Construction machinery accessories are the bottleneck restricting the development of construction machinery in China, and have become the consensus of the majority of industry insiders and enterprises. In 2011, Changsha Construction Machinery Distribution Expo will undoubtedly become the top priority of the construction machinery accessories industry. In order to change the backward situation of supporting parts, many companies have made efforts to expand their product lines, strive to reduce costs and increase profits for production, and contribute to the healthy development of China's construction machinery. Su Zimeng, secretary-general of the China Construction Machinery Industry Association, pointed out that during the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period, the construction machinery industry will focus on solving the problem of shortcomings in key components. It is now the best time to invest in the field of key components of construction machinery. Below, with the editor of China Construction Machinery Trade Network, let's take a look at the major events in the construction machinery accessories industry in the first half of 2011......
The first batch of projects in Yuchai supporting industrial park officially started
The first batch of projects in Yuchai supporting industrial park officially started
On the morning of June 23, Yuchai Supporting Industrial Park was officially listed in Bobai County, Guangxi, opening a new chapter in the joint development of Yuchai and Bobai. Yuchai Supporting Industrial Park is located in the Chengdong Industrial Concentration Zone of Bobai County. It covers an area of about 7500 acres and has a total investment of 7.5 billion yuan. It will be planned and constructed according to the positioning of "one center, three key points, and five major functions", that is, to serve and Support the core industry of Yuchai as the center, focusing on the development of three major industries: engine parts, vocational and technical education and new materials, strive to build an ecological comprehensive supporting industrial park integrating five functions of manufacturing, skills training, warehousing and leasing, venture capital, and business tourism in five years.
The development and construction period of Yuchai supporting Industrial Park is five years, which is divided into three phases. The construction time of the first phase is from 2011 to 2012, with a planned land of 3000 mu; the construction time of the second phase is from 2013 to 2014, with a planned land of 3000 mu; the construction time of the third phase is 2015, with a planned land of 1500 mu. It is estimated that by the end of the 12th five-year Plan, the output value of the park will exceed 10 billion yuan, making it a "10 billion industrial park".
Guangzhou Huadu Accessories Base Phase I All Rent Xin
In May 2011, Guangzhou Huadu (International) Construction Machinery Parts Trading Base reported another good news. The first phase of shops were all rented out and the second phase was under hot registration. The business scope of the first phase of Guangzhou Huadu Base includes: excavators, loaders, road rollers, cranes, drilling rigs and a series of regular construction machinery and special machinery and equipment parts. All the shops in the first phase were rented out, which greatly integrated the operators of construction machinery parts and laid a good foundation for the second phase.
Guangzhou Huadu Chairman Zheng Genhui (second from right), General Manager Zheng Xianhua (second from left) and 21-SUN reporter
It is reported that the whole progress of the project has created a miracle in the industry. In a very short period of time, the accessories base has sprung up, showing the strength and confidence of Huadu base. China Construction Machinery Trade Network has now provided a series of services such as website construction and 3D virtual online mall for Huadu base. The two sides will launch a comprehensive strategic cooperation.
Cummins Turbocharging Technology New Project Signed in Wuxi New District
A few days ago, Wuxi Cummins Turbocharging Technology Co., Ltd., a key enterprise in the equipment industry in wuxi new district, has written a new chapter in its base development-a new turbocharger project has been officially signed and settled in the new district. This time, the headquarters decided to build the second plant of turbocharging technology in tin and introduce small turbocharger business. The new plant plans to produce 800000 turbochargers per year, with annual sales of about $0.3 billion by 2015. At the same time, the president also solemnly promised on behalf of the company: Cummins Wuxi will insist on being an excellent corporate citizen and actively fulfilling corporate social responsibility.
Tianrun Crankshaft [0.18% Capital Research Report] Supporting Weichai Power [0.77% Capital Research Report] Invests 0.4 billion to Build Production Base
In May 2011, Tianrun Crankshaft, the largest crankshaft enterprise in China, plans to invest 0.4 billion yuan to set up a production base in Weifang to support Weichai Power nearby. Tianrun Crankshaft plans to build an industrial park covering an area of 400 mu in Hanting District of Weifang City. The first phase will mainly build a heavy-duty crankshaft processing production line with an annual output of 100000 units, with a planned land area of 150 mu. The total investment of the project is 0.4 billion yuan, of which 0.3 billion yuan is self-raised and 0.1 billion yuan is applied for bank loans. The construction period is 2 years and the production period is 1 year. It is expected to reach full production by the end of 2013. After reaching production, the processing capacity of 100000 heavy-duty engine crankshafts can be formed annually. In normal years, the sales revenue can be increased by 0.36 billion yuan and the total profit is 90.48 million yuan.
The corresponding products of Weifang base project mainly provide supporting facilities for Weichai, which is mainly to strengthen the in-depth strategic cooperation between the company and Weichai Power, meet the needs of customer orders, improve the company's operational efficiency, reduce transportation costs, better provide high-quality products for Weichai, and increase the share of supporting facilities.
German MAN Diesel Engine and Turbine World-class China Manufacturing Center completed
On the morning of May 18, the completion ceremony of the world-class Chinese manufacturing center and the second phase plant expansion project of German MAN diesel engine and turbine was held in Wujin high tech Zone. The German MAN Diesel and Turbine Group is a subsidiary of the German MAN Group focusing on the field of power engineering business. It is the world's largest manufacturer of turbomachinery and compressor equipment. Mann Machinery Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the German MAN Diesel and Turbine Group established in Wujin High-tech Zone in 2007. It is also the group's only production base outside Europe. It is mainly engaged in the development of large-scale turbine machinery, components and systems. And production, with a total investment of 45 million euros. Mann Machinery Phase I 13000 square meters of factory buildings and office buildings have been put into operation in November 2008. After one year's construction, the company's phase II 13000 square meters of factory buildings and office buildings have also been completed, and other mechanical products of the group, such as turbochargers, fluid bearings and system automation facilities, will be added on the basis of the original product series. It is expected that after completion and production, the company will increase its annual sales revenue by 0.2 billion yuan.