Foreign Investment Tentacles of China's Construction Machinery Parts Industry

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Since entering the 21st century, the rapid development of China's construction machinery has attracted the attention of the world. The construction machinery market has been activated by huge investment in capital construction, radiating huge energy, making China the world's largest construction machinery manufacturing plant and application market.
As the upstream supply chain of the construction machinery industry, the spare parts industry has become closely related to the host manufacturers, and the high-end key spare parts have become the bottleneck restricting the strength of China's construction machinery industry. In view of this, the 12th Five Year Plan of China's construction machinery has taken the development of domestic key spare parts as an important work content.
With the continuous expansion of China's construction machinery mainframe market, the accessories market is increasingly favored by foreign brands, especially the profits of blank products for the Chinese market. These foreign brands are no longer satisfied with the general nature of commodity export trade, nor are they satisfied with the product license production model, but more and more favor localized production and sales, because they not only meet the needs of local Chinese hosts, but also meet the needs of international strategic partners entering the Chinese market, so they will extend long or short investment tentacles......
power system
Due to the large loads and power consumption of construction machinery during self-movement and construction operations, diesel engines are generally used as power engines, which are known as the "heart" of construction machinery. Domestic engines occupy the low-end power configuration. High-end power configuration is the first choice or must choose foreign brands.
United States Cummins (CUMMINS)
Founded in 1919, Cummins engine company in the United States, today, the products have been sold in more than 190 countries and regions around the world. Its business ties with China can be traced back to the 1940 s. It should be said that until today, among foreign diesel engine brands, Cummins has been very successful in expanding the Chinese market.
Cummins' initial investment project in China was aimed at supporting the heavy truck field, and later involved in the field of off-highway engineering vehicles, and waited for the opportunity to realize the transformation from license system production to joint venture construction in the cooperation mode.
In January 1981, as one of the key introduction projects in the engine field of the "Sixth Five-Year Plan" of the national economy, China National Heavy Duty Truck Group and Cummins formally signed a technology introduction agreement to produce Cummins 10~50 liters of high-horsepower diesel engines at the Chongqing Automobile Engine Plant under China National Heavy Duty Truck, filling a gap in the domestic high-performance high-horsepower diesel engine field, and Cummins has also become one of the first foreign-funded enterprises to conduct localized production in China. In 1995, Chongqing Engine Factory officially became a peer-to-peer joint venture between China and foreign countries-Chongqing Cummins Engine Co., Ltd.
In 1985, the Second Automobile Group established the "Second Automobile Manufacturing Plant Diesel Engine Plant Preparation Group" to start the comprehensive preparation of the Cummins diesel engine plant. In November 1986, Erqi and Cummins signed a contract for the transfer of B- series diesel engine products and manufacturing technology licenses in the Great Hall of the People. In 1996, the two parties established Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd. as a joint venture in equal proportion to produce Cummins C series 8.3-liter diesel engines.
In October 2006, Cummins and BAIC Foton Motor Co., Ltd. jointly established a joint venture-Beijing Foton Cummins Engine Co., Ltd. in an equal proportion to produce Cummins new generation 2.8-liter and 3.8-liter inline four-cylinder high-pressure direct-injection light diesel engines. The emissions can meet European No. 3, No. 4 and above standards. The products will be widely used in light trucks, pickups, SUVs, MPV utility vehicles and small off-highway equipment. In August of the following year, Xi'an Cummins Engine Company, a peer-to-peer joint venture between Cummins and Shaanxi Automobile Group, was formally established and put into production Cummins ISM 11-litre fully electronically controlled heavy-duty diesel engine.
With the improvement of the layout of the engine manufacturing base, Cummins has gradually established a supply base for engine parts in China, and has established joint venture and wholly-owned factories in Jiangsu, Hubei, Beijing, Shanghai and other places.
American Caterpillar (CATERPILLAR)
Caterpillar is the world's largest construction machinery manufacturer. It was founded in 1925 and its operating income reached 60.1 billion US dollars in 2011, setting a new record. Caterpillar's strategic layout in China is improving day by day. At present, it has 16 manufacturing plants, 3 R & D centers, 6 branches and 3 logistics and parts centers. Caterpillar and its agents employ nearly 20,000 people in China. In addition to the engine, the matching parts factory invested in China also includes other parts, which are introduced here.
Wuxi Perkins Power System Technology Co., Ltd. was established in September 2008. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Caterpillar. The factory covers an area of 135000 square meters. The Perkins 1100 series engines produced by the company are sold to original equipment manufacturers in the agricultural and other industries in addition to the power generation of Caterpillar construction machinery.
Wuxi Perkins Zhipu Engine Co., Ltd. was established in December 2007. It is a joint venture between Caterpillar's Perkins Engine Co., Ltd. and its long-term partner of small engines, Japan IHI Zhipu Machinery Co., Ltd., covering an area of about 30000 square meters. The Perkins 400 series engines are mainly sold to original equipment manufacturers for small construction machinery, agriculture, earthmoving, material handling machinery and generator sets.
Caterpillar (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned enterprise under construction by Caterpillar, covering an area of about 250000 square meters, with a total investment of about US $0.3 billion. It mainly produces Caterpillar 3500 series large engines and generator sets. The company is expected to officially start production in the first quarter of 2013, and its products are mainly aimed at China and the Asia-Pacific region.
Yashi Crawler (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. was established in 1997 by Caterpillar, SCM Singapore Holding Pte Ltd and SNT Co., Ltd. Yashi crawler provides chassis systems for hydraulic excavators and crawler bulldozers. Its main products include roller wheels, sprocket wheels, chains and crawler assemblies. In the sales business of Asian real tracks, the original equipment manufacturers of wheels and tracks occupy a large share.
Caterpillar (China) Machinery Parts Co., Ltd. (CCMC) was established in 2005. It is a wholly-owned company of Caterpillar. It mainly manufactures and assembles mechanical parts for Caterpillar's Chinese factories, and its products are also exported to other Caterpillar factories around the world. In addition, CCMC is available to select OEMs. CCMC has three product operation departments: hydraulic operation department, cockpit operation department and hydraulic cylinder operation department. Its products include hose assembly, valve, gear pump, cockpit and hydraulic cylinder.
Lirui Hydraulic System Co., Ltd. is a joint venture between AVIC Liyuan Hydraulic Co., Ltd. and Caterpillar (China) Investment Co., Ltd. Through the introduction of advanced design and manufacturing technology from Caterpillar and Liyuan, it designs, develops and manufactures medium and high pressure plunger pumps, motors and walking devices.
Perkins, United Kingdom (PERKINS)
The technologically advanced Perkins engine has a long history and was founded in 1932. In the 1990 s, it acquired the engine business of Rolls-Royce (Rolls-Royce), another famous international brand in the country. In 1998, Caterpillar acquired Perkins, please refer to the above-mentioned relevant content. Prior to the acquisition, Perkins set up a joint venture production plant in Tianjin in May 1997-Perkins Power (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. At present, Perkins Power (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. has joined Beiqi Foton Motor Co., Ltd. as its member enterprises.
DEUTZ, Germany
Deutz Company is a world-famous independent manufacturer of diesel engines. It was founded in 1864 by Otto, the inventor of the famous four-stroke engine in history. It has 4 engine plants in Germany and 17 license and cooperative plants in the world. The power of diesel engines ranges from 5 to 5000 horsepower and that of gas engines ranges from 250 to 5500 horsepower. Deutz is famous for its air-cooled diesel engine. In the early 1990 s, the company developed a brand-new water-cooled engine with a power range of 30kw to 440kw. The new series of engines have the characteristics of small size, high power, low noise, good emission and easy cold start, which can meet the stringent emission regulations in the world today.
On August 22, 2007, after years of in-depth cooperation between China first Automobile Group Corporation and German Deutz Co., Ltd., the two sides established Deutz FAW (Dalian) Diesel Engine Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Deutz FAW Dachai) officially opened the new plant in Dalian Economic and technological Development Zone. Deutz FAW Dachai has three product platforms of C, E and D, with a power of 85-340 horsepower and more than 300 kinds of various variants and adaptive products. It can provide power products with higher scientific and technological content and stronger degree of specialization for different demand fields such as medium and heavy trucks, light vehicles, buses, construction machinery, etc.
Deutz FAW Dachai has sold only a few hundred units a year since it first entered the field of construction machinery to nearly 10,000 units now. From the initial single CA498 product to the current CA4DC series, CA6DE series, DEUTZ1013 series, DEUTZ2012 series and other product series, it has developed from only matching heli forklift to matching domestic mainstream construction machinery manufacturers.
Fiat of Italy (FIAT)
Fiat (FIAT) is one of the industrial brands that Italians are proud of. At the beginning of 2011, the Fiat Group, which has a history of more than 100 years, was divided into two companies, one is Fiat Auto and the other is Fiat Industrial Group. Fiat Power Technology (FPT) belongs to Fiat Industrial Group. FPT products cover a wide range of areas, focusing on the design, production and sales of power assemblies used in on-road and off-road vehicles, ships and generator sets.
FPT's investments in China include a management company and R & D center in Shanghai, as well as two joint ventures. Fiat Power Technology Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is responsible for the import and export business and distribution in China, as well as the export of domestically produced products to foreign countries. The R & D center is mainly responsible for R & D and technical support.
There is a joint venture factory in Chongqing called SAIC Fiat Hongyan Powertrain Co., Ltd., which now produces 9-litre engines and will produce 3-litre, 4-litre, 6-litre and 13-litre engines in the future.
Up to now, Fiat is the last engine brand to enter the Chinese market.
Japanese Yanmar (YANMAR)
Since its establishment in 1912, Japan Yangma Co., Ltd. has been producing and selling industrial engines, marine engines, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, common & emergency generators, gas heat pumps and other products based on the technology of small diesel engines that were first developed successfully in the world. In January 2003, Yangma Corporation established a sales company in Shanghai, China-Yangma Engine (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., whose products are mainly equipped with forklifts and small construction machinery and agricultural machinery.
Isuzu, Japan (ISUZU)
Founded in 1916, Japan's Isuzu Motor Company has been engaged in the research and development and production of diesel engines for more than 70 years. As one of the three pillar business departments of Isuzu Motor Company, the diesel engine business department has also set its strategic sights on China. In November 2004, Isuzu Automotive Engineering Diesel Engine (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was established to supply 11 series of engineering diesel engines from 30kW to 397kW to the Chinese market.
South Korea Doosan (DOOSAN)
South Korea Doosan Group is a large global group, founded in 1896, with more than 20 subsidiaries, providing a wide range of products and services, from power generation and desalination industries to construction, engines, machine tools and agriculture. After Doosan Group acquired Daewoo Heavy Industry and Machinery (Daewoo Heavy Industries & Machinery) Company in 2005, it changed its name to Doosan Infracore Co Ltd., namely Doosan Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., which is one of the core enterprises under the group, mainly producing a series of products including excavators, forklifts, machine tools, diesel engines, national defense and military products, etc. In 2006, Doosan was incorporated in China to establish Doosan (China) Investment Co., Ltd.
In November 2009, Doushan (China) and Xugong Group jointly invested in Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province to set up Xuzhou Xugong Doushan Engine Co., Ltd., a specialized company focusing on the design, manufacture and sales of diesel engines for construction machinery, with a capital contribution ratio of 50:50. It plans to produce and sell 50000 engines annually, with a sales revenue of 3.2 billion yuan. On January 27, 2011, the joint venture's first national II emission standard DE08 engine with a displacement of 8 liters was successfully offline.
American KOHLER
As we all know, Kohler is a global outstanding bathroom brand with a history of nearly 140 years. In fact, she is also a generator and engine brand with more than 80 years of manufacturing experience. In 2004, Kohler invested US $60 million in Jiangsu to set up Changzhou Kohler Electric Power Equipment Co., Ltd. and Changzhou Kohler Engine Co., Ltd. The short-term production capacity target is to produce 960000 engines, 21000 alternators and 950 generator sets annually. Its products can be applied to small generators, lawn mowers, garden equipment, high-pressure cleaning equipment and other fields.
Liebherr, Germany (LIBBHERR)
Liebherr is a world-renowned industrial brand with a long history of independent development of diesel engines. In December 1995, Liaoning Construction Machinery Group, jointly established by several construction machinery enterprises in Liaoning Province, and Liebherr of Germany, jointly established Liaoning Liebherr Diesel Engine Co., Ltd. with a ratio of 75:25. The factory is located in Shenyang to produce Liebherr engines. Later, due to various reasons, the joint venture company went bankrupt.
mechanical transmission system
The mechanical transmission system of construction machinery mainly includes gearboxes, drive axles (referred to as bridge boxes) and torque converters. It is similar to the situation of engines. The bridge boxes of domestic brands occupy the low-end transmission configuration, while the high-end transmission configuration is The first choice or must choose foreign brands.
German ZF (ZF)
The German ZF Group (formerly known as the German Gear Manufacturing Co., Ltd.) is the world's largest multinational company that produces transmission components. It was founded in 1915 and mainly produces transmissions for automobiles, construction machinery, agricultural machinery and commercial vehicles., Drive axle, hydraulic steering gear and automobile suspension devices and other products, can be called a global giant in the field of mechanical parts.
As early as the early 1980 s, when thousands of Mercedes Benz trucks equipped with ZF gearboxes were introduced to the oil fields in Xinjiang Autonomous Region in Northeast China, ZF Group began to enter China quietly.
Liuzhou ZF Machinery Co., Ltd. is a joint venture between ZF and Guangxi Liugong Machinery Co., Ltd. to invest in the production of construction machinery transmission parts, with a capital contribution ratio of 51:49. The two sides signed the joint venture contract in Beijing on December 12, 1995 and obtained the business license in the same year. The business scope is the production, sales and maintenance services of vehicles, commercial vehicles, mechanical equipment and marine gearboxes, drive axles and their parts. The main products are WG200, WG180 power shift gearbox, AP400 series wet brake drive axle, positioning in the high-end configuration.
Since ZF entered China in 1984, it has more than 20 production bases in China. Most of its products are mainly supplied in the field of vehicles, and it has a research and development center in Shanghai.
American Dana (DANA)
Founded in 1904, Dana Corporation is the world's leading supplier of transmission systems, seals and heat exchange products. In the field of transmission systems, Dana provides high value-added products for manufacturers in the fields of automobiles, commercial vehicles, and off-highway vehicles. Established in 2003, Dana Wuxi Technology Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned Dana company, is responsible for assembling and producing axles, drive shafts and gearboxes for off-highway vehicles, as well as thermal products.
Due to the growing importance of the Chinese market, Dana invested in the new Dana (China) Technology Center and its supporting laboratories in 2011. The establishment of the technology center ensures the smooth progress of the project in China and the progress of product development in the later period. At the same time, it can better serve the Chinese market and major customers in the Asia-Pacific region.
The technical center contains a laboratory for various tests of axles, gearboxes and heat exchangers, as well as three PTG (radiator) production lines, and has many advanced test equipment for axles, gearboxes and heat exchangers at home and abroad. It can complete the power test, fatigue test and performance test of various parts of the axle, the durability test and function test of the gearbox, and the durability test and function test of the heat exchanger. It has greatly enhanced Dana's local production capacity and technological leadership in the Asia-Pacific region and even the world.
Carraro, Italy (CARRARO)
Carraro is a multinational corporation founded in 1932 and is a world leader in drive systems for on-and off-highway vehicles. The group has four business units: transmission components, vehicle manufacturing, gear manufacturing, electronic control and new energy technology. The core business of the group is drive axle and transmission system. The application scope includes: agricultural machinery, earth and stone construction machinery, telescopic trucks, forklifts, trucks and cars, escalators, electric walking paths and elevators.
Cararo only entered the Chinese market in 2001. At the end of 2004, it invested 1.5 million euros to transform a 7000m2 factory building in Huangdao Development Zone, Qingdao, Shandong Province. It was completed in early 2005 and registered as Cararo (Qingdao) Transmission System Co., Ltd., taking the first step in China's strategy.
Being optimistic about the prospects of the Chinese market is one of the important reasons for Cararo to invest in China. Another important reason is that Cararo has long-term cooperation with world-renowned manufacturers of road and off-road vehicles, construction machinery and agricultural machinery, such as Case New Holland, Volvo, Komatsu, Terex, John Deere, JLG, etc. As these OEMs enter China one after another, Cararo has no reason not to follow suit.
In October 2007, Cararo invested 15 million euros to build a new factory covering an area of 23000 m2-Cararo (China) Transmission System Co., Ltd. in Chengyang District, Qingdao, indicating that Cararo's China strategy has taken firm steps. The new factory is mainly dedicated to the production of mechanical transmission systems for stationary equipment (such as escalators), forklifts and raw material conveying drive axles, tractors and construction machinery axles.
American Arwen Meritor (ARVINMERITOR)
American Arwen Meritor Automotive Industry Company is a global company specializing in the design and manufacture of auto parts with a history of more than 100 years. It has about 120 factories and research units in the world and many branches in China.
In 1996, the American Arwen Meritor Company and Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group Co., Ltd. jointly invested and established Xuzhou Meritor Axle Co., Ltd. (formerly Xuzhou Rockwell Axle Co., Ltd., later renamed) according to a 60:40 share ratio. It is China's largest specialized manufacturer of construction machinery and special vehicle axles. The total investment of the joint venture company is 24.087 million US dollars and the registered capital is 16.803 million US dollars.
Xuzhou Meritor's products mainly include four categories of truck crane bridges, loader bridges, road machinery bridges, and special vehicle bridges. They are widely used in the field of construction machinery and have played an important role in the development and growth of Xugong Group.
Allison, USA (Allison)
Allison Transmission Holdings Co., Ltd. was established in 1915. Allison is the world's largest manufacturer of fully automatic transmissions for medium and heavy commercial vehicles and medium and heavy American military vehicles, as well as hybrid power systems for city buses. Allison transmissions are used in a variety of vehicle models, including trucks, buses, motor homes, off-highway special vehicles and equipment (mainly used in the energy and mining industries) and military vehicles (wheeled and tracked). It has factories and product transformation centers in China, the Netherlands, Brazil, India and Hungary.
In order to better serve customers in China and the Asia-Pacific region, Allison moved its headquarters and parts distribution center in the Asia-Pacific region to Shanghai in September 2004. At the same time, we set up a special matching center in Shanghai Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone, which can meet customers' various special matching requirements for Allison products at any time.
hydraulic transmission system
With the hydraulic transmission technology in the field of construction machinery is increasingly widely used, at the same time, this piece is the weakness of China's construction machinery industry, so in the field of hydraulic transmission system has attracted many foreign brands.
German Bosch Rexroth (REXROTH)
The company was formed by the merger of the former German Bosch (BOSCH) Group Automation Technology Department and the original Rexroth Company in 2001. It is wholly owned by Bosch Group, but it operates independently, providing industrial hydraulics, electronic transmission and control, linear transmission and assembly technology, pneumatic and hydraulic transmission services, and transmission and control solutions for mobile machinery hydraulics. Bosch Rexroth is headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany. The original company was established as early as 1795, and has since been committed to various manufacturing technology fields. For more than 50 years, Bosch Rexroth has been a world leader in the international hydraulic market.
Bosch Rexroth (China) Co., Ltd. is a transmission and control company that can provide the most comprehensive products and technologies. Its business includes industrial hydraulics, electronic transmission and control, linear transmission and assembly technology, pneumatic, hydraulic transmission services and mobile machinery hydraulics. Provide customers with high-quality components, systems and application engineering solutions for different needs.
Bosch Rexroth (Beijing) Hydraulic Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bosch Rexroth. Since 1978, Rexroth has been producing Rexroth products for all walks of life in China and providing excellent services. The company's products have been widely used in heavy industry, general industry, walking machinery, water conservancy engineering, ship and port machinery and equipment, material transportation, and mining machinery.
Shanghai Bosch Rexroth Hydraulic and Automation Co., Ltd., founded in 1994, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bosch Rexroth. In early 2002, a new production workshop was built, covering an area of more than 800 m2 and a bonded warehouse of 100 m2. The production of the mother is purchased directly from the German factory, and the product quality meets the standards of the German mother factory. In early 2003, the company imported about 10 sets of processing equipment from Germany, engaged in the processing of ball screw, cylinder processing and assembly. This makes the company a linear transmission and assembly technology products, pneumatic products in China's processing base.
In addition, Bosch Rexroth also has offices in many locations in China, including Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Guangzhou, and Dalian, to consolidate its network foundation in China.
Germany (HAWE)
Founded in 1949, Harvey Hydraulic Co., Ltd. has been committed to the development and production of high-pressure hydraulic components and systems for more than 60 years, and has more than 30 sales agents worldwide, including 8 wholly-owned sales subsidiaries. Hawe products are widely used in construction machinery, machine tools, ships, hydraulic tools and other industries.
In 1996, Harvey set up a representative office in Shanghai and took the first step into the Chinese market. In 1998, the wholly-owned subsidiary Hewei International Trade (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was formally established, and then set up representative offices in Beijing and Shenyang to jointly engage in the sales and after-sales service of Hawei products, and provide system design solutions according to customer needs.
At present, Harvey has two companies in Shanghai: Harvey Oil Hydraulic Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and Harvey Hydraulic Systems (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., specializing in the production and sales of hydraulic components and systems.
Germany Hedek (HYDAC)
It was put into production in 1997, mainly producing various hydraulic accessories, systems and other products, which are widely used in metallurgy, shipbuilding, aviation, papermaking, electric power, chemical industry, machine tools, construction machinery, construction machinery and other fields. The demand for products is increasing year by year, and the market continues to expand. It has become a well-known foreign-funded manufacturer of hydraulic accessories and various hydraulic devices at home and abroad. It has won the trust and support of users and has established offices in Beijing, Anshan, Wuhan and other places.
Hedeke Hydraulic Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was established in Shanghai in September 1996, with an area of 34598 M2. She is the only wholly-owned enterprise with production capacity of HYDAC Company in China, and is responsible for the sales and technical services of HYDAC products in China.
Germany Linde (LINDE)
In 1991, the 100-year-old Linde Group's "Linde Group Gudelafinburg Factory" was renamed "Linde Group's Material Handling Equipment and Hydraulic Factory". The factory was separated from Linde Group on August 1, 2006 and became an independent enterprise.
In 1993, Linde Material Handling Equipment and Hydraulic Factory established a joint venture with Xiamen Forklift General Factory-Linde-Xiamen Forklift Co., Ltd., which later became a wholly-owned Linde enterprise and was renamed Linde (China) Forklift Co., Ltd.
Linde Hydraulics is also a department of Linde material handling equipment and has also entered China with the forklift business. The product fields of casting, oil cylinder and structural parts have expanded the transmission technology series products including hydraulic pump and hydraulic motor, electronic control device, peripheral equipment, multi-way valve, rotating device and hydraulic bridge.
Japan Oil Research (YUKEN)
Oil research industry co., ltd. enjoys a high reputation in Japan's hydraulic field. in 1992, oil research and Shanxi yuci hydraulic co., ltd. jointly invested 1 billion yen to establish a joint venture company-yuci oil research hydraulic co., ltd. the company covers an area of 15000 square meters. its main products are oil research series hydraulic valves and hydraulic systems and also import oil research hydraulic components.
In 2006, Japan Oil Research and Taiwan Oil Research Co., Ltd. jointly invested in Jiangsu to establish Oil Research Hydraulic Industry (Zhangjiagang) Co., Ltd., with a registered capital of US $11 million and a total investment of US $27.5 million. It is mainly engaged in the manufacture of proportional hydraulic technology products and systems, sales of self-produced products and after-sales service.
Nabotsk, Japan (NABTESCO)
Nabotsk Co., Ltd. (formerly known as Teijin Machinery Co., Ltd.) is a well-known equipment manufacturing enterprise in Japan. Founded in 1944, its business is designed to textile machinery, aviation, hydraulic machinery, railway transportation equipment and other industrial machinery fields.
In 1996, Nabotsk and Shanghai Electric Hydraulic Co., Ltd. (a subsidiary of Shanghai Electric Group), Komatsu Manufacturing Co., Ltd., and Japan Shuangri Co., Ltd. (formerly Japan's Nishang Iwai Co., Ltd.) established a Sino-Japanese joint venture-Shanghai Nabotsk Hydraulic Co., Ltd. at a ratio of 51:30:15:4. The main products of the joint venture are hydraulic walking and rotary motors integrating reduction devices and hydraulic devices, using the technology of Japan's Nabotsk and Japan's Komatsu, it is currently the most advanced product in the world. It is widely used by domestic excavator manufacturers and has the first market share.
In 2011, Nabotsk and Shanghai Electric Hydraulic and Pneumatic Co., Ltd. jointly funded the establishment of Jiangsu Nabotsk Hydraulic Co., Ltd. The factory is located in Wujin High-tech Zone, with a registered capital of US $40 million and is planned to be put into operation before the end of 2012. Annual sales are expected to reach 25-3 billion yuan, will become an important domestic hydraulic motor production base.
Kawasaki, Japan (Kawasaki)
Kawasaki Seiki Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Kawasaki Heavy Industries Co., Ltd., which was founded in 1878. It has been engaged in hydraulic business for nearly a hundred years (since 1916). In the field of hydraulic parts production for construction machinery, Kawasaki Seiki occupies an absolute share of the global market.
Since 2009, the Ministry of Commerce has included the introduction of "construction machinery hydraulic components" technology as an important part of Sino-Japanese cooperation, and has been looking for good partners in China. With the promotion and support of the Ministry of Commerce and the Excavation Machinery Branch of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, after more than a year of business negotiations, on April 15, 2010, this important hydraulic excavator parts supplier and Zhejiang Chunhui Group formally signed a cooperation agreement to jointly invest 2.5 billion yen to establish a Sino-Japanese joint venture Kawasaki Chunhui Precision Machinery (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. with a capital ratio of 54:46. The factory is located in Shangyu, Zhejiang, specializing in the production of high-pressure hydraulic pumps, motors and their parts for construction machinery, China's construction machinery industry localization manufacturing high quality key hydraulic components. The joint venture company will introduce Kawasaki Seiki's technology, with an annual output of 12000 hydraulic pumps and an annual sales of 0.18 billion yuan. With the expansion of production scale in the future, the company will also increase the production of hydraulic motors and control valves to further improve the supporting capacity of hydraulic products.
In December 2005, Kawasaki Seiki Co., Ltd. invested 1 billion yen to establish a wholly-owned factory in Suzhou High-tech Zone-Kawasaki Precision Machinery (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., which mainly produces hydraulic pumps and motors used in excavators. On November 1, 2011, the wholly-owned factory officially opened. At present, the first phase of the new plant with a construction area of 13500 m2 has been put into use, and the annual output of hydraulic pumps and hydraulic motors will be increased from 35000 to 110000. It is expected that the Phase 2 plant of the same size as the current plant will be put into use in December 2012, with an annual production capacity of 200000 units.
American Eaton (EATON)
Eaton is the world's leading diversified manufacturer of industrial products, the company was founded in 1911. Eaton has always been very concerned about the Chinese market. As early as 1987, it signed a license production agreement for Fuller transmissions with China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Corporation.
Eaton Hydraulic Systems (Jining) Co., Ltd. is Eaton's first joint venture factory in China, established in 1993, which mainly produces cycloid hydraulic motors and cycloid full hydraulic steering gear and other series of hydraulic parts. In 2002, the company was converted into a sole proprietorship of Eaton. In 1998, Eaton set up a wholly-owned enterprise-Eaton Fluid Power (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. in Shanghai Pudong Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone, which mainly produces sub-brand Vigers (VICKERS) hydraulic transmission system-plunger hydraulic pumps and motors and other hydraulic parts.
Eaton (China) Investment Co., Ltd. is an investment holding company established by Eaton in Shanghai in November 1997. So far, Eaton has established a multi-owned and joint venture company in China for construction machinery and other industrial supporting fields. In 2004, the company's Asia Pacific headquarters moved from Hong Kong to Shanghai. In 2009, the company's new Asia-Pacific headquarters building in Changning District, Shanghai was officially completed and launched.
United States Parker Hannifin (Parker Hannifen)
Founded in 1918, Parker Hannifin Group has become the world's largest global company specializing in the production and sales of various refrigeration and air-conditioning parts, hydraulic, pneumatic and fluid control products and components. It is composed of six global groups, including transmission and control, filters, environmental and industrial control, aerospace, fluid connectors and seals. The company has more than 1000 production lines, and its products are widely used in refrigeration and air conditioning, light industry, heavy machinery, petrochemical, power plant, automobile and aerospace markets. Parker Hannifin is the only manufacturer that can provide users with a full range of hydraulic, pneumatic and mechatronic motion control solutions.
Parker Hannifin has been in China for more than 20 years. In 1990, Parker Hannifin established its first sales office in China. At present, there are four sales offices located in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Hong Kong. In 1994, the Asia-Pacific headquarters was established in Hong Kong. In 2000, it set up a wholly-owned factory in Jinqiao and is also the headquarters in China, namely: Parker Hannifin Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., which is responsible for the management of Parker Hannifin in China. Parker Hannifin Fluid Transmission Products (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., as a sales company, is engaged in and develops Parker China's business activities. In 2005, Parker Hannifin Hydraulic (Tianjin) Co., Ltd., a 90%-holding joint venture company, was established in Tianjin, mainly engaged in various hydraulic cylinders, gear pumps, hydraulic valves and hydraulic systems. In 2007, Parker Hannifin Qingdao Company was formally established in Qingdao, becoming the 13th wholly-owned company in China.
PARKER is an important hydraulic brand in the group.
As a global manufacturer of hydraulic systems, components and electronic products, Sa'ao-Danfoss is committed to serving construction machinery OEMs. The fields involved include: agricultural machinery, construction machinery, road construction machinery, material handling machinery, forestry machinery, lawn Care machinery and special machinery.
The only wholly-owned subsidiary of SAO-Danfoss-Daikin Co., Ltd. (SAUER-DANFOSS-DAIKIN) in China, SAO Walking Hydraulic (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., was established in October 2001 as SAO-Danfoss-Daikin Industrial Company is responsible for the sales, application and service of the company's products in China.
Shanghai SAO Hydraulic Transmission Co., Ltd. (SHC) is a Sino-US joint venture established by the world-famous multinational manufacturing group of hydrostatic transmission equipment, SAO Company of the United States (SAUER-DANFOSS) and Shanghai Electric Hydraulic and Pneumatic Co., Ltd. with a joint investment of US $29.5 million, with a capital contribution ratio of 60:40, mainly producing SAO? Danfoss S90 series of hydrostatic transmission products, is currently China's largest domestic investment, the latest product technology, specializing in the production of hydraulic piston pump and motor joint venture.
Founded in 1964 and headquartered in Guyian International Co., Ltd., Ohio, USA, Pomke is a world-renowned manufacturer of high-pressure gear pumps, gear motors, gear splitters, air pumps, shotcrete machines and related parts. Manufacturer, its products have a number of patented technologies.
In 1998, Pomke established its first wholly-owned company in Tianjin-Pomke (Tianjin) Hydraulic Co., Ltd., which has become an important supplier of high-end mainframes and export products in various fields such as China's construction machinery. In order to meet the demand of Pomke (Tianjin) Hydraulic Co., Ltd. for core components with high quality and timely supply, Pomke headquarters reinvested in Tianjin Economic and Technological Development Zone in 2005 to establish Pomke (Tianjin) Fluid Power Manufacturing Co., Ltd. to manufacture gears, shafts, skeletons and other steel parts in batches.
Italy (MANULI)
Manouli Rubber Industries is a group of multinational companies, founded in 1935, headquartered in Milan, Italy, with 9 production plants around the world, the main business is the design, manufacture and sale of hydraulic equipment, oil industry and marine rubber and metal parts.
Manouli Hydraulic Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is the first wholly-owned subsidiary established by Manouli in China at the end of 1997. Its full set of imported processing and experimental equipment, including pulse test bench, have reached the international leading level. The company is mainly engaged in the manufacture of hydraulic rubber hose assembly, storage and sales of hydraulic hoses. The products are used in construction machinery, agricultural machinery, hydraulic drilling rigs, fully mechanized coal mining, injection molding machines and cleaning machines, etc., and have enjoyed a high reputation in the Chinese industry. Its assembly workshop and warehouse are located in Shanghai Pudong Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone.
In November 2005, Manouli invested US $40 million to build Manouli Hydraulic Equipment (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. and officially opened. The company was registered in February 2004 and put into production in July 2005. The factory covers an area of 100000 square meters and mainly produces Manouli hose series products. It will be built into Manouli's technology center in Asia.
South Korea Star (JESUNG)
In November 2003, a professional engineer in excavator, who had worked in South Korea Hyundai Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. for more than 20 years, came to China to start a business. With a registered capital of US $8.7 million in Songjiang District of Shanghai, Dixing Hydraulic Engineering Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., which produces main pumps, multi-way valves, walking motors, rotary motors, rotary motors, control valve rotary joints, and pilot oil cylinders, etc.
Dixing Oil Pressure is a small and medium-sized enterprise with 110 employees, but the company's sales reached 0.8 billion yuan (about 119 billion won) in 2010 and exceeded 1 billion yuan in 2011. The construction of a new plant is being planned.
Other areas
In addition to the three key components of power system, mechanical transmission system and hydraulic transmission system, foreign brands have also invested in other sub-sectors such as industrial bearings, slewing bearings, dust removal devices, walking mechanisms, automatic control, industrial paints, lubrication systems, tooling accessories, wearing parts, industrial tires and so on.
Germany (Rothe Erde)
Roth Eide Group (RE) is the world's largest professional manufacturer of slewing bearings, belonging to the German industrial giant ThyssenKrupp Group (ThyssenKrupp), with 15 slewing bearing plants in 9 countries around the world.
In May 2002, Roth Aide Co., Ltd. and Xugong Group (XCMG) jointly invested US $28 million to form a joint venture Xuzhou Roth Aide Slewing Bearing Co., Ltd. (XREB). The shareholding ratio is 60:40. So far, the joint venture has made large-scale investments in Xuzhou. The company is mainly engaged in the production and sales of slewing bearings and industrial steel balls. The products are widely used in construction machinery, wind power generation, port equipment, offshore platforms, metallurgy, mining, medical CT machines and other fields. The joint venture also has three factories, namely XREB Jinshan Bridge Support Factory, XREB Jinshan Bridge Steel Ball Factory and REX Jinshan Bridge Support Factory.
Germany (BERCO)
Berk is also a wholly-owned manufacturer of ThyssenKrupp Group in the field of heavy industrial products and special machine tools, established in 1918. Mainly engaged in the production of crawler construction machinery chassis systems and machinery and equipment, designed to provide quality services to the world's major machine manufacturers.
BERCO produces various crawler construction machinery chassis walking systems (often referred to as "four wheels and one belt"), and has become an industry leader in the world. It has 4 production plants in Italy and 11 branches in 7 countries around the world. The company provides supporting facilities for almost all complete machine manufacturers in the world, including Komatsu, Hitachi Construction Machinery, Shengang Construction Machinery, Volvo, Liebherr, John Deere, Atlas Copco, Wittgen, Terex, Doosan, etc.
Berk (Shanghai) Chassis Trading Co., Ltd. is a wholly foreign-owned enterprise invested and established in China by ThyssenKrupp (China) Investment Co., Ltd. on behalf of Berk. It was established in March 2008 and registered in Shanghai Yangshan Free Trade Port Zone. It now has functional areas such as bonded warehousing, quality inspection and crawler and wheel assembly lines, with a total area of more than 5000 m2.
Bajas-Sanssohofen, Germany (BHS-SONTHOFEN)
BHS was founded in 1563 and has a history of nearly 450 years. BHS company first engaged in iron ore mining industry, in the early 17th century, began to engage in ironmaking and iron manufacturing. Since 1888, the company began to engage in the manufacture of construction machinery and equipment, invented and developed a double horizontal shaft concrete mixer, is a high-end mixing host brand.
In November 2001, BHS set up a wholly-owned subsidiary in China-Bahas-Sanshoven (Tianjin) Machinery Co., Ltd. Due to the successful development of the business, the company moved into a new and expanded plant in April 2004. In 2010, the third phase of the company's expansion project has been completed and production operation.
Viam, Italy (WAM)
WAM Group was established in 1969. WAM Group's annual production of more than 25000 screw conveyors makes it one of the world's technical authority and largest equipment suppliers for dust particle screw conveyor. WAM has established branches or offices in 40 countries and regions in the world.
In 1996, WAM entered China through Hong Kong agents. In 2000, WAM established a wholly-owned subsidiary, Viam Transportation Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., as a production plant. In 2002, WAM established Viam Transportation Machinery International Trade (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., which is responsible for all sales of WAM Group's products in China. At the same time, WAM also has other joint ventures in China. The company's main business is to provide a series of supporting equipment for concrete mixing plants to the construction market in Asian countries, especially in China. Products with excellent performance-price ratio to win the majority of the market favor. National well-known concrete/asphalt mixing plant manufacturers have established long-term and stable cooperative relations with our company. The company's screw conveyor (conveying cement, fly ash, stone powder), dust collector (applied to the mixing main machine and cement silo roof), pressure safety valve, butterfly valve (powder and liquid), material level indicator, flow aid air cushion, vibration motor and other equipment have become the standard equipment of their high-performance mixing station.
Italy (SICOMA)
Founded in 1947, Sgaoma, a subsidiary of Italy's O.M.G Group, is one of Italy's oldest and largest mixer manufacturers. The company's products are double horizontal shaft, planetary, vortex slurry, continuous and other multi-series, multi-variety commercial concrete mixer.
Zhuhai Shigaoma Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a company jointly invested and put into production by Italy SICOMA Company and Zhihao (China) Co., Ltd. in 2000. It is mainly engaged in the research and development, production, marketing and service of high quality mixing machinery and equipment. The company covers an area of 25000 m2. Once upon a time, Sgaoma became a popular configuration of domestic mixing plants.
SKF Sweden (SKF)
Founded in 1907, SKF is the world's leading supplier of bearings, seals, mechatronics, service and lubrication systems.
In 1997, SKF opened two joint ventures in China: one is a spherical roller bearing manufacturing and sales company jointly established with Wafangdian Bearing Group, and the other is a seal manufacturing company jointly funded by Chicago Rawhide and ANZAG. In 2001, SKF and Shanghai Bearing Group Co., Ltd. concluded an agreement to jointly invest in Shanghai to set up a deep groove ball bearing production plant-Shanghai SKF Bearing Co., Ltd.
In 2004, SKF acquired a world-leading lubrication system company-German Fubird (Vogel). Fubird set up a wholly-owned company-Fubird Lubrication System (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. in China in November 2003. In 2010, SKF acquired another influential lubrication systems company, Lincoln (Lincoln) Industries, which has a representative office in Shanghai. These two major lubrication system brand products are widely used, and they are also the main supporting suppliers of construction machinery.
Sweden Atlas Copco
Atlas Copco is a leading global supplier of industrial production solutions, founded in 1873. Products and services range from compressed air and gas equipment, generators, construction and mining equipment, industrial tools and assembly systems to related after-sales services. The Atlas Copco Group has 23 companies (15 of which are production companies) in mainland China, producing and selling products in the fields of compressor technology, industrial technology, mining and rock excavation technology, and construction technology, as well as providing after-sales services.
In 2003, Atlas Copco acquired Shenyang Rock Drilling Machinery Co., Ltd. (formerly Shenyang Pneumatic Tool Factory) and established Atlas Copco (Shenyang) Construction and Mining Equipment Co., Ltd. The company's main products include: pneumatic rock drills, pneumatic crushing tools, pneumatic industrial tools, hydraulic rock drills, hydraulic breakers, rock drilling rigs, drill stands, mobile screw compressors, related accessories, attachments, etc.
Furukawa, Japan (FURUKAWA)
Guhe Machinery Metal Co., Ltd. was founded in 1875, refined rock drilling equipment. In 1914, Japan's first rock drill was successfully developed, establishing its position as a leader in the production, development and design of rock drills. Guhe products have so far been adopted by users in more than 70 countries around the world.
In April 2006, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Guhe Rock Drilling Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was established in Shanghai. The business scope includes: selling hydraulic breaking hammers, hydraulic tongs, hydraulic open-air drilling and tunnel trolley in China's domestic market. The main products of Guhe Rock Drilling Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. are F1 ~ F70(1 ton ~ 70 ton) breaking hammers. As the window of Japan's Guhe in China, the wholly-owned company provides relevant technical service support for the sale of Guhe products in the Chinese domestic market.
Danfoss, Denmark (Danfoss)
Danfoss is the largest industrial enterprise in Denmark. It was established in 1933. It has subsidiaries and sales offices in more than 100 countries. It is a world leader in the research and development and production of mechanical and electronic products in many fields. The Group's business areas are divided into three main areas: refrigeration and air conditioning, heating and water treatment and transmission control. In particular, the field of automatic control of construction machinery has a good reputation.
In May 1994, the establishment of Danfoss Hong Kong Limited opened the curtain for Danfoss to enter China. In October of the same year, the Beijing Office was established. In 1995, Danfoss (Tianjin) Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned factory, was officially registered in Tianjin Wuqing Development Zone and began production the following year. At present, Danfoss has 7 factories and 15 offices in China, and the logistics system covers the whole country. Tianjin Wuqing factory has become a world-class manufacturing center, with business income exceeding 5 billion yuan in China.
South Korea Water Mountain (SOOSAN)
Shuishan Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in 1984. It is the first enterprise in South Korea to develop and produce broken hammers and crushers. It is also the earliest truck crane and broken hammer manufacturer in South Korea and one of the three largest broken hammer manufacturers in the world. At present, the company's products mainly include crushing hammers, crushers, pressure drilling machines, coupling machines, cranes, etc. It is the largest company in the same field in Asia and the top five in the world. Its products are exported to more than 70 countries and regions.
Shuishan Machinery Equipment (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. is a joint venture invested by South Korean Shuishan in China. It was established in 1993 and mainly produces hydraulic breaking hammers. It is also reported that Shuishan also has a hammer production project with a total investment of 30 million US dollars in Qingdao, Shandong Province, which will be constructed in stages.
American Esco (ESCO)
Asco Company, which is famous for developing bucket teeth of construction machinery, was founded in 1913 and has now become a global group company manufacturing various metal components and parts for industrial applications, providing solutions for wear resistance, impact resistance and production capacity improvement for global construction, mining and other important industrial markets.
On December 1, 2006, Esco (Xuzhou) Wear Parts Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned factory with a registered capital of 5.2 million US dollars set up in Xuzhou Tongshan Industrial Park, opened and has a branch in Chengdu. Xuzhou factory produces small metal castings weighing 9 to 70kg. The main products are Super V series bucket teeth, V33, V39, V43, V51, V61 and other types of bucket teeth. The products are sold in Asia and all over the world, and have established long-term cooperative relations with many OEM manufacturers at home and abroad.
British Titan Adim (Titan-ITM)
Titan Adim Group is a multinational manufacturer specializing in the design, manufacture and distribution of chassis running gear and chassis components for a complete product range of construction machinery and agricultural machinery, established in 1989. In Europe and the United States, China and Brazil, a total of 12 production plants, more than 2000 partners.
On October 22, 2010, Titan Adim Machinery Manufacturing (Tianjin) Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned company invested in Wuqing District, Tianjin, opened. The project has a total investment of 2.5 million euros and leases No. 9 standard factory building in the development zone, covering an area of 20 acres and a construction area of 6000 square meters. Mainly engaged in the manufacture and sales of vehicle chassis and chassis components, with annual sales of more than 0.2 billion yuan after production.
Kenner, USA (Kennametal)
Kenner metal company was founded in 1938, its production of Kenner metal cutting tools in the field of machining has been in the world's leading level. Kenner has officially set foot in the Chinese market since 1991, and has invested in the establishment of manufacturing plants in Shanghai, Tianjin and Xuzhou to serve customers in China and around the world.
In the early 1990 s, Kenner set up a wholly-owned enterprise Kennan Matt (Xuzhou) Co., Ltd. in Xuzhou, which can provide milling heads and cutting tools for highway maintenance machinery. After more than 10 years of development, Kenner has become a leading supplier of metal tools in the field of mining and construction in China. On September 29, 2009, Kenner invested in the construction of a large new mining and construction plant in Xuzhou-Kenner Metal (Xuzhou) Co., Ltd.
French Michelin (Michelin)
Michelin is a world-renowned tire brand. Worldwide, Michelin tires are widely used in mines, quarries, and construction sites in various conditions. Michelin is the inventor of radial tires and the inventor of the world's first engineering/industrial radial tire.
Like rigid and articulated dump trucks, wheel loaders and bulldozers, underground machinery, mechanical handling vehicles, forklifts, all-road cranes, graders, wheel loaders, wheel excavators, wheel cranes, etc. all need construction machinery tires, Michelin can meet.
Nippon (NIPPON)
Nippon is a world-famous paint manufacturer, founded in 1881, has more than 100 years of history, is one of the world's earliest paint companies. Its products are widely used, including paint coatings for construction machinery.
Nippon Paint, which entered China in 1992, has been ranked among the best in the global paint manufacturers in recent years and is the leader in the domestic paint industry. At present, the members of Nippon Group in China include: Nippon Paint (China) Co., Ltd., Langfang Nippon Paint Co., Ltd., Nippon Paint (Tianjin) Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Nippon Paint Co., Ltd., Nippon Paint (Chengdu) Co., Ltd., Yashili Paint (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., Nippon Paint (Chongqing) Chemical Co., Ltd., Nippon Paint (Changzhou) Chemical Co., Ltd.
In the sixth "Development Focus and Main Tasks" of the "Twelfth Five-Year" Development Plan for the Construction Machinery Industry, "Concentrate on improving the technical level and manufacturing level of key components for construction machinery" is placed in the first place. It can be seen how urgent it is to develop domestic key components for construction machinery including diesel engines, mechanical transmission components, hydraulic components, information control electronic components, etc!
At present, China's construction machinery mainframe brand has formed a comparative advantage, but the situation of being controlled by others in key supporting parts has not fundamentally changed, especially in high-end supporting parts, there is still a big gap to be made up. Therefore, we should learn from excellent foreign supporting parts brands with an open mind, work hard to catch up with and surpass them as soon as possible, and the government should actively support and guide them, this is the only way for China's construction machinery industry to move from a big country to a powerful country. It is also the only way for China's construction machinery to move from "Made in China" to "Created in China". It is also the only way for China's construction machinery to stride towards the international high-end market.