Automobile industry about the development direction of small and medium-sized mold enterprises

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While North American auto industry giants, politicians, and lawyers are trying to use charts to present the pattern of the North American auto industry chain, some small businesses in the mold industry in the very low part of the auto industry supply chain are trying to do their best to avoid being implicated by the bankruptcy of Chrysler and the "bankruptcy" of GM.
While General Motors and Chrysler are pondering and weighing whether they are ready to file for bankruptcy protection in the past few weeks, mold manufacturers and their support teams are moving around. They are actively lobbying members of Congress, the White House Auto Industry Task Force, Meeting with automakers and verifying their basic customer base, diversifying the mold industry, and actively studying and applying the legal priorities of the mold industry. In the past year, as large mold manufacturers filed for bankruptcy protection, the mold industry producers suffered losses, and their due benefits were frozen in court or greatly reduced. Although it has been estimated that the bankruptcy of the two major automobile giants will affect nearly half of the enterprises in the mold industry, no one knows how much the impact will be.
"There are still many short-term or long-term problems to be solved in the mold industry, but the current eye-catching is bankruptcy." Rob Jie, executive director of the National Mold and Machining Association in Maryland, said.
The National Mold and Machining Association (NTMA) is one of the agencies that has direct contact with Obama's hand-picked members of the White House specifically dealing with U.S. auto subsidies. They are working to get panel members to consider tax relief for mold manufacturers and small and medium-sized enterprises. The Mold Manufacturers Association of America encourages its members to write to members of Congress, even examples, to suggest that they should say, "Like the auto industry of GM and Chrysler, the mold industry is suffering a devastating blow from the financial crisis."
It is estimated that if GM or Chrysler enter bankruptcy proceedings, about 35-50% of the tool and mold industry enterprises will go bankrupt, if the two giants are bankrupt, this data will also rise.