How to Implement "Anti-Latency" in Hardware Mould Enterprises"

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The Convention on Rights Protection clearly stipulates that violators voluntarily accept penalties such as confiscation of moulds and finished products by the Chamber of Commerce, so that the new products of member enterprises are protected like patents and are no longer plagiarized and used free of charge by peers, thus protecting the enthusiasm of technological progress and restricting disorderly competitive intelligence activities. Zhejiang hardware mold enterprises how to "anti latent".
However, in Zhejiang, similar to the Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce of the self-discipline convention is only a case. Many private enterprises, the "lurker" to prevent the meager force. At present, the information construction of private enterprises in our province is relatively backward." Cai Wenbin, curator of the Social Science Museum of the Library and Information Center of Zhejiang University, said that most entrepreneurs do not have a strong awareness of information construction and protection because of their low cultural level. So, in the face of peer "spy war", these enterprises are often helpless.
Cai Wenbin is a well-known private enterprise informatization expert in our province, and has unique insights into the competitive intelligence environment of private enterprises in Zhejiang. Through on-the-spot visits and inspections to more than 60 enterprises in Wenzhou and Taizhou, Cai Wenbin believes that the informatization construction of most private enterprises in Zhejiang lags behind, especially those involving molds, clothing, toys, food and other industries. Because of the core of competition, such as drawings and formulas, it is easy to imitate and plagiarize by peers, Therefore, it is easy to be "latent.