Chinese traditional hardware tools are facing upgrading

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Traditional Chinese hardware tools such as wrenches, pliers, hammers and axes have a long history of domestic application, but hardware companies lack new design and research and development. In contrast, foreign well-known hardware tool companies attach great importance to new product design, and their R & D departments conduct a large number of investigations and studies on users every year in a planned way, and carry out new product designs on this basis.
According to statistics: in 2003, China's export of wrench tools was about US $0.11 billion, with a total product weight of about 50 million kg and an export value of US $2.08 per kg. In the same period, Germany and Japan exported US $14.80 and US $14.56 per kg of wrench, which was 7 times higher than that of China's products. The main reason is that China's hardware tools products are of low grade.
New research and development includes the redesign of traditional tool functions and appearance. A domestic enterprise invented a kind of quick living wrench and obtained a patent. As soon as the product came out, it attracted the attention of foreign hardware tool buyers. At present, the production capacity can no longer meet the order requirements. However, another pliers making enterprise invented a new type of cutting pliers and received millions of dollars of orders within two months.
International famous hardware tools company Stanley every year there are new products. China's tool hardware enterprises should continue to focus on new research and development, product upgrading efforts. Industry expert Luo Baihui believes that hardware tools are labor-intensive industries and have traditional competitive advantages in my country. Although developed countries still occupy the world's high-end hardware tool market, as developed countries fade out from the manufacturing industry, my country's products are fully capable of occupying the world. The leading position of tool hardware, but hardware companies should face up to the gap between themselves and the international hardware tool production technology level, continue to invest in research and development, and strengthen product research and development, participate in international product brand competition.