Development of New Type Stainless Steel for Die-holder

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Over the years, the development of the mold base is mainly focused on providing users with higher mechanical properties of steel, but the use of these high-strength alloys, the processing and production of mold manufacturers has not been improved, its delivery cycle has not been shortened, production capacity has not been improved. A new stainless steel with optimized alloy content has been developed, which greatly improves the workability and other important properties of the die base.
In order to test the data indicators of this new type of steel, it is necessary to compare it with the most common materials on the market. In the corrosion-resistant mold base steel, it can be compared with 420 fast-cutting stainless steel and DIN (German Industrial Standard No.) is 1.2085 and 1.2099 steel. This article will compare this newly developed special stainless steel with the above several kinds of steel.