Yangzhou Automobile Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance Established "Baotuan" to Develop Market

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Yangzhou to build "automobile city", industrial innovation is the key. A few days ago, at the initiative of the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, the Yangzhou Automobile and parts Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance formed by 116 automobile and parts manufacturers was formally established. Tsinghua University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Jiangsu University, Nanjing University of Science and Technology, Yangzhou University, etc. University experts joined as "think tanks. it is reported that,
The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau stated that the establishment of the Automobile Industry Innovation Alliance is conducive to integrating the strength of various automobile companies and R & D institutions in the city, forming a "combined punch" for industrial development, and jointly committed to the research and development of key technologies and the development of important markets. Enhance the international competitiveness of Yangzhou's automobile industry.
Integration of all forces
Forming two "combination punches" in the technology market"  
"Yangzhou's automobile industry started early. At the beginning of reform and opening up, there were car companies such as Yaxing and Goddess, which once caused a sensation across the country." Ge Ruhai, a professor at the school of automobile and transportation engineering of Jiangsu University, said that Yangzhou not only has automobile manufacturing enterprises, but also has a complete range of auto parts supporting enterprises, and the agglomeration development pattern of automobile industry has been formed.
"Although the Yangzhou automobile industry has become a climate, we must be soberly aware of the lack of innovation." Jin Changshan, the first chairman of the Yangzhou Automobile and Parts Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance and chairman of Yaxing Automobile Group Co., Ltd., believes that Yangzhou has a good foundation for the automobile industry, but for a long time, there has been a lack of technical exchanges between various automobile companies, and the R & D force is relatively scattered. There is no "combined punch" when opening up the market ".
The establishment of strategic innovation alliance is to change this situation. The person in charge of the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau said that the alliance is guided by the national industrial policy and realizes the supporting and interactive development of the automobile and parts industry chain in Yangzhou through resource integration, industry-university-research cooperation, and technological innovation.
"In the future, Yangzhou automobile enterprises will gather their fingers into fists, open up markets to the outside world, share industry resources with domestic technology research and development, and jointly expand and strengthen the automobile industry."
Give full play to the advantages of the group
Top-level Design to Technical Tackling Fully Jointly
What will the Auto Union do after its establishment? This is a topic of concern to Yangzhou automobile enterprises.
Opening the "Articles of the Yangzhou Automobile and Parts Industry Technology Innovation Alliance", the reporter saw that the articles of association clearly stipulated the ten key tasks of the alliance and comprehensively defined the tasks of the alliance. For example, Article 2 proposes to integrate various resources, guide the sharing of resources among alliance members, establish an alliance technology innovation service platform and service system, formulate service plans and service standards, give full play to resource efficiency, and promote the improvement and supporting of the industrial chain.
Ge Jinhong, general manager of Yangzi pipe fittings company, said excitedly that the company's production and sales scale is about 0.2 billion yuan, and its own technological innovation is beyond its ability. In the future, the company can use the alliance force, and related enterprises to carry out technical cooperation, joint to overcome some technical problems. "For Yangzi pipe fittings, the current degree of welding automation is not high, and the company's overall welding process needs to be re-optimized with the help of external forces."
Ge Ruhai is an expert team member of the strategic alliance. He told reporters that after the establishment of the alliance, it will conduct comprehensive cooperation from top-level design to technological research and development, and work together to develop industrial technology. "We will study national automobile policies and market trends, and assist the government in formulating and improving the technological development plan for the automobile industry." He said that at the same time, he will also assist enterprises to actively strive for policies, maximize the support of development funds, and build the alliance into a bridge and link between the government and enterprises.
The reporter learned that technical cooperation has two main meanings: one is the technical cooperation between experts and enterprises. Experts use their own technical expertise to help enterprises solve technical problems; the other is the technical cooperation between enterprises. There are many enterprises in the alliance. Their own technology and market advantages, the alliance will promote technical exchanges within the enterprise.
enterprise university marriage
Jointly enhance the innovation level of automobile industry
By 2016, the annual production capacity of 1 million vehicles will be formed. This is the development goal of the automobile industry formulated by our city. To achieve this goal, technological innovation is the key.
The reporter noted that the newly established alliance not only gathered the vast majority of automobile manufacturing enterprises in Yangzhou, but also attracted a number of experts from colleges and universities. The person in charge of the High-tech Division of the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau said that this alliance is not only an alliance between enterprises, but also a marriage between enterprises and university experts. It is hoped that with the help of the alliance platform, more enterprises and universities will establish in-depth industry-university-research cooperation.
"Our cooperation with Yangzhou automobile enterprises has already begun." Chen Jingxin, a professor at the School of Mechanical Engineering of Yangda, told reporters that the college has established long-term cooperation with many companies such as CIMC Tonghua, Jiangsu Benyu Body, and Cumming Mould to help these companies solve technical problems in production. For example, she said that the development of high-strength tailor-welded blank body mold in cooperation with Jiangsu Caming mold has been listed as an innovation fund project of the State Ministry of Science and Technology. The Jiangsu enterprise graduate workstation jointly built with CIMC Tonghua has successfully carried out research on structural optimization of pump truck boom design.
"With this innovation platform in the future, the cooperation between our universities and enterprises will be closer." Many university experts said that after 3-5 years of hard work, the alliance will promote Yangzhou's automobile and parts industry to reach the domestic leading and international advanced level.