Changsheng Car Industry Won Special Guiding Funds for Provincial Transformation and Upgrading

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Eight projects, including the R & D and industrialization of new energy automobile high-strength plate molds of Yangzhou Changsheng Automobile Industry Company, the construction of standardized workshops and ancillary facilities of Jiangdu High-tech Entrepreneurship Service Center, and the subsidy for the establishment of five-star digital enterprises of Tianyu Group, have been listed in the special category of SME development, three projects, including the industrialization of Hengyuan International's complete sets of energy-saving and consumption-reducing dry-process cement equipment, the technical transformation of the nickel-based oil casing production line for deep-sea gas fields of Chengde Company, and the WJN/F2000 vibratable macro-settlement solid-liquid separation equipment of Hengye Machinery Company, were included in the special category of technical transformation.