Automobile industry has become an important supporting industry for the development of 2013 mold industry

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According to relevant sources, it is expected that the development speed of China's mold industry in 2012 will be lower than that of last year. The automobile industry is the largest user industry of molds, and its development has returned to rationality. Most people in the industry predict that the growth rate of automobile development in 2013 may remain around 8%, bringing the total output to about US $20 million. The development speed of major mold user industries such as electronics, light industry, electromechanical and so on is expected to reach about 10% in 2013. The development of strategic emerging industries, energy conservation and emission reduction, and engineering plastics will put forward higher and higher requirements for molds. Many countries need a large number of molds for key projects and key projects. The slowdown continues, but reaches a probability close to 10%. Due to the mold export growth rate of up to 36.87 in 2011 by the inertia of the growth rate, coupled with China's mold in the international market cost advantage still exists, so its growth rate will be lower than the previous year, but will continue to be higher than the overall growth rate of the industry. As a result, the foreign trade surplus of moulds will be further expanded in 2012, and the proportion of export moulds in total sales will be further increased.