Leader's Speech

Xiongguan Road is really like iron, and now we are stepping forward from the beginning. Cumming Group, a growing enterprise, with the far-reaching ambition of "science and technology pioneer, industry leader", creates brilliance and dream with courage! The Kamin people know very well that we are in an era full of opportunities and challenges. Seizing opportunities, meeting challenges, and accelerating development are the responsibilities entrusted to us by the times; forging ahead, taking responsibility, and making unremitting efforts for it are the consensus and struggle guidelines of every Kamin. The group will innovate the management mechanism, create a new corporate image by introducing a new CI concept, gradually implement paperless office, continuously scientifically define and improve the job responsibilities and work processes of various companies and departments, and continue to introduce high-level technical and management talents to shape the company's new culture. And through the operation of the new system, to further realize the understanding of corporate culture, inheritance and breakthrough. Brew high starting point with high wisdom, and pry high speed with high starting point. Looking forward to the future, the Kaming people will be able to persevere, with high morale, great enthusiasm, with sincerity to create a big me! Through their own efforts and hard work, and then create customers and Cumming's new glory!