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Beijing September license plate auction 10,000 shots 90,000 caps

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It’s a particularly difficult journey to buy a car in Beijing. Why do you say this? I all know that if I want to buy a car in Beijing, I must first shake the number. I said that I started to shake the number in January this year. It has been five months now. I have been missing the license plate number and want to buy a car. Can only wait...
Yes.... This morning, a news really irritated me. Beijing started to license the license plate in September, and 90,000 caps. Can I understand that a license plate number is 90,000? If you want to think about money, you will take me 5,000 yuan a month. I can’t save a few dollars in terms of rent and daily expenses. This time I bought a car and I also donated money to me. If I take out 90,000 pieces to buy a license plate number, then I think I need to pack it back into the country to count the land. It’s also very fun to open a tractor. What do you say?
Look at the "talent" 咋?
"Let's take a good or limit purchase?" For Beijing and Shanghai's current different car purchase policies and online new policies, Professor Zhong Hongjun from the School of Economics of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics said that the auction is better than the lottery. "But the better way is to learn London to collect traffic jams and not charge license fees." Zhong Hongyi said.
In addition, Zhong Hongjun also pointed out that one difference between Beijing and Shanghai is that Beijing has more buses than Shanghai. These cars are not sensitive to any price mechanism.