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The 4S model does not seem to be the desired format for China's automotive aftermarket. Where is the way out for the Chinese aut

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At present, there are three models in China's automobile after-sales service market, one is 4S shop, the other is a roadside booth personal auto repair shop, and the other is an auto repair service chain store. In terms of scale, the 4S shop system is the leader of China's automotive after-sales service market.
However, according to professional agency surveys, nearly half of the owners may give up 4S stores after the warranty period expires. Moreover, the relevant state departments have also reflected and criticized the possible problems of monopoly, redundant construction, waste of resources, and foreign control channels in the 4S system on different occasions. From this point of view, the 4S model does not seem to be the desired format of China's automotive aftermarket. So, where is the way out for the Chinese auto aftermarket?
Vice President Zhang Xiwen of the China Automobile Auto Accessories Industry Federation said: "This is a process of 'evolution'!"